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Forester 1992 

The Road Less 

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Volume 93 

Lake Forest College 

555 north Sheridan Road 

Lake Forest, Illinois 60045 

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood 
And sorry I could not travel both 
And be one traveler, long I stood 
And looked down one as far as I could 
to where it bent in the undergrowth; 

Then took the other, as just as fair, 
And having perhaps the better claim, 
Because it was grassy and wanted wear; 
Though as for that the passing there 
Had worn them really about the same, 

And both that morning equally lay 
In leaves no step had trodden black. 
Oh, I kept the first for another day! 
Yet knowing how way leads on to way, 
I doubted if I should ever come back. 

I shall be telling this with a sigh 
Somewhere ages and ages hence: 
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I — 
I took the one less traveled by. 
And that has made all the difference. 


1 tW-'''^*3 



\^^r:' ■ ^ 


^ «■ 




\ fj^^^ 






.. ■ *J 

2 Opening 

Senior Christina Durr talks to a friend on 
the phone (top, left). _A group of'Foresters 
cheer on the volleyball team in the sports 
center (above). Trouble on the road: a 
- Lake Forest security officer tickets, an 
illegally parked car (far, left bottom). 
Being with Senior Mike Rweyemamu is 
always an uplifting experience for Matt 
Heissan (bottom centq-). Juniors Gardiner 
Van Ness and TCricia Peterson listen 
attentively in class. 




oa^Ayi (^a 

Just what does it take to become a 

The more obvious answers that 
come to mind may include; decent 
SAT or ACT scores, attending a 
good secondary school, and a lot of 
money (either through financial aid 
or cold hard cash). But the essence 
of what it means to go to Lake 
Forest College cannot be bought, it 
can't be graded, and it doesn't 
develop in prep school. 

No, to get the most out of a Lake 
Forest College education, every 
student must meet rigorous 
academic standards, take advantage 
of the many programs offered and 
also take advantage of the sense of 
community at LFC. Only then do 
students find that LFC is not just 
another learning institution, but a 
place where an individual can grow 
and learn, and where an education 
is not just acquired through keeping 

Sheridan Road as it winds past 
campus (top right). Freshman Rosa 
Valdivia adds condiments to her 
tasty ARA meal (above). One of the 
many acts to entertain at 
Coffeehouse takes the stage (right). 

your nose buried in a book. The 
extracurricular activities, the sense of 
family — all of these things contribute 
to the Lake Forest experience. 

The school year of 1991-1992 was 
not a year of radical change at LFC. 
Besides the massive renovation effort, 
the transfer of Greeks to South 
campus and a campus-wide in-transit 
rule, among other things, no one event 
stands out to make the year 

On the contrary, events are not what 
makes a school outstanding; it is the 
students, the professors and the staff 
who stand out to make this school an 
extraordinary place. It is those people 
who accepted the challenge and had 
the courage to journey on the Road 
Less Traveled, on the corner of 
Deerpath and Sheridan: Lake Forest 

4 Opening 

pening 5 

Singing in the choir in the Sunday night 
"VC^ihoIjc mass is just one of many volunteet 
acttvifies in which Foresters participate. 
Safah Galjlagher, Daisy Ocasio, Joy Bass, 
Alice Mansfield, and Carmen Perry (topj. 
^eady to catch the ball, Scott Brown 
perfects hisliicrdsse skills (above). Scott 
Bacnrriann and Tdmpne lizuka prepare to 
show the weekly movie (right). - 
Dylan Parks deejays in the WMXM Studio 
(above, right). LEAP m^inbers enjoy a 
camping trip in the wildeiTie^s (far, right). 

6 Openii g^ 


t^6¥^^^^ (^/^ ^J^ ^adt^Jmm: 


\.^:.-^>' _.. 

The road to success at LFC is not 
just defined by excelling academically. 
Although academic achievement is 
demanded by professors, the complete 
LFC experience includes indulging in 
some pleasure as well as taking care of 

The majority of students during the 
1991-92 school year took advantage of 
at least one of the many 
extracurricular activities offered, and 
many took on more than one. This 
kind of commitment to a club or 
organization leads to hectic schedules 
and, as Model-United Nations 
president, GOP president, yearbook 
photographer, WMXM deejay and 
LFC junior Laura Kotelman 
expressed, "No time to do anything." 

The programs offered at Lake 

Forest College are so numerous and 
active that NOT being involved is not 
even a viable option to most students. 
Between athletic clubs from football to 
handball; academic clubs from Red 
and Black to Pre-Law; and social clubs 
from Alpha Chi to LEAP; LFC offers 
something for virtually everyone. The 
endless choice of groups to join was 
accentuated by an activity fair held 
early in the fall semester, where many 
students signed on to join 
organizations that interested them. 

But excelling at both extracurricular 
and academic activities is what 
Foresters do best. This is one of the 
aspects of LFC that places us one step 
ahead of the rest, on the road less 

Opening 7 




After spending an average of four 
years at college (for some less, for 
some more), something strange begins 
to happen. All of a sudden, just over 
the horizon, looms the real world. 
Like a ride at Disney World, the sight 
of this reality is a thrill to some, and a 
"No way, I'm not ready for this," 
situation for others. Nevertheless, 
there it is; and all of a sudden, two 
very proud yet nervous feet are 
making their way across a stage to 
accept a DIPLOMA, the culmination 
of all of that hard work, and every 
senior's ticket to the Big Time. 

But leaving school for a career, for 
graduate school, or for whatever else 
may arise, is not just a reason for fear 
or celebration (or a mix of both). 
Graduating from college, for many 
seniors, is not as easy as it may seem. 

Academically, senior year is packed 
with difficult, upper-level classes which 
demand time and concentration. On 
top of that, many seniors experience 
internships and spend weekends 

interviewing. Sleepless nights are spent 
worrying about applications and 

Socially, senior year is a time to 
realize that life will never be the same 
again. If a career lies ahead, classes 
will no longer be scheduled to begin at 
1:30. If graduate school is the next 
step, there will be no more reading the 
Cliffs' Notes the night before a ten 
page essay is due. 

But perhaps the most difficult aspect 
of senior year is saying goodbye. 
Throughout this year at LFC, seniors 
have celebrated under standard 
operating procedure. They put off 
studying by the age-old ploy of 
gabbing with roommates or sending 
out for a pizza. But somewhere in the 
back of every final-year Forester's 
mind was the nagging realization that 
after nine days into May, they'd be 
saying goodbye to it all. Goodbye to 
friends who had become close like 
family, goodbye to the life of a student 
at Lake Forest College. 

Opening 9 

Even on the road Less Traveled, it is 
still necessary to stop and smell the 
flowers with a little relaxation and fun. 
Lake Forest College students are no 
amateurs in this respect, and 
Homecoming 1991 was no exception 
to the rule of demonstrating party 

The festivities began on Thursday 
evening, October 10, with a lip-sync 
contest in Commonplace. The annual 
Athlete's Variety Show, was held on 
Friday, followed by a bonfire behind 

The celebration reached its peak on 
Saturday when the alumni began to 
arrive for the day's activities. A full 
sporting schedule was presented, 
including the voDeyball game, the 
soccer games, and the football game. 
The South Campus parking lot was 
filled with tailgaters long before the 
games began. 

At the start of the game, the field 

behind Halas Hall was packed with 
spectators waiting to see the battle 
between the Foresters and Ripon 
College. Even though we had a strong 
comeback in the second half, we were 
defeated by one point for a final score 
of 23-24. 

The evening events included a 
cocktail party for the alumni at Glen 
Rowan and the Homecoming Dance in 
Commonplace. The theme for the 
weekend, "Back to the Basics," was 
expanded upon throughout the dance 
by the staff of the college's radio 
station, WXMX. Before the band 
played, the DJ's played music from the 
1950s to the 1990s. The band itself. 
Trip Shakespeare, was enthusiastically 
received by the large group of students 
which assembled. 

Although the weekend ended quietly 
with students studying for mid-term 
exams, the overall feeling towards 
Homecoming was very positive. 

10 Opening 

The lead singer of Trip Shakespeare ' 
entertains at the Homecoming Dance 
(above left). Brant Dykehouse, Tom 
Howard, Lori Kurzawski, and Scott Pozil 
enjoy a view from the bleachers at the 
football game (above). Kristin Murray, 
Monica Walsh and Chris Meyer show 
their school spirit at Homecoming 
(bpttom left). Tom Coladarci('91), senior 
Pete Murray and sophomore Brad 
Swanson mingle with the parking lot 
crowd (left). 



ening 1 1 

Ae 3wa6/ &^ ^Jmcc^d 

"Hmm, should I go to class today, 
or should I skip?" 

This one question may be the most 
often posed inquiry in the minds of 
Foresters, as well as college students 
around the world. Inevitably, even on 
the Road Less Traveled, some forget 
the primary reason for a higher 
education. After all, it's not hard to 
do, with extracirricular activities and 

Academic programs at LFC are 
some of the most impressive in the 
Midwest. As far as liberal arts, this 
school offers majors with excellent 
curriculum taught by exceptional 
professors. The English program 

(LFC being one of the few colleges 
offering a writing major) and the 
psychology, history, and business 
majors, to name a few, are all 
mentally challenging. Not to mention 
the difficulty in the multi fields of 

The rewards, as demonstrated by 
successful alumni, are definitely 
worth the effort. Through taking 
advantage of programs such as C. P. 
& P. and various academic 
organizations, with a little 
assertiveness on the part of the 
student, success is almost guaranteed 
for anyone. 

12 Opening 

- Sue Bowring studies for a test 
while basking in the sunlight 
(far left). Mary Czarnecki helps 
sophomore Liz Samples in the 
Johnson computer lab (left). 

-^ Matt Cochran takes the quickest 
route to any class: via bicycle 
(below left).^A group of students 
walk speedily to class (below 
middle). Sean Hope and Chuck 
Lasco rehash a point in class. 

Opening 13 

Sophomores Jodi Strauss, Julie 
Leung, and Monica Walsh 
prepare to dig in with friends- 
(top). The frozen yogurt 
machine was always a favorite, 
especially for Anne Etienne(top 
right). Not wanting to miss a 
meal, Foresters take it on the 
road (far right). Finishing up his 
dinner, junior Tony Popow 
strikes a satisfied pose (right). 
The ever famous ARA meal up 
close and personal (above). 

14 Open 




x^ ^ a ^6¥ie^^d d^^a/€ 

It is the pieiogdlive of every college 
student to complain about campus 
food. From day one of freshman year, 
this one act is almost looked upon as if 
it were a duty — the responsibility of 
every loyal collegian. And so it begins: 
"What is the gelatinous substance 
curiously intermingled with my stir-fry 
pork?", "Who forgot to put the Kiev 
in my chicken?", "Why does this slice 
of garlic bread hurt my teeth when I 
bite into it?" The questions are 
endless, and heartless, but nevertheless 
have become as much an institution at 
LFC as the famed ARA (otherwise 
known as Szabo) dining experience 

But whether an ARA supporter or 
debunker, during the 1991-1992 
school year, Foresters nevertheless saw 
many revolutionary changes. The 
drink and tray-return area was 
drastically renovated and even neatly 
matched the new blue carpet. Much to 
the pleasure of the student body, 
yogurt was offered EVERY weekday 
giving more opportunity for students 

to try those more lisky yogurt 

Among other new institutions was 
the inaguration of Movie Nights, 
during which two television sets played 
old favorites for students to enjoy 
while munching the complimentary 
popcorn. Although the sets were 
rather small, the idea nevertheless 
enhanced the overall meal, since 
students were then able to whistle the 
theme from "The Andy Griffith 
Show" while concocting a Tofu feast 
at the salad bar. 

Regardless of special events like 
Top- Your- Own-Cupcake Night and 
the One-Ton Sundae fiasco, ARA will 
probably never enjoy the reputation it 
desires and deserves (at least where the 
students are concerned). Unless, of 
course, they went out and hired our 
own mothers to come in and cook. 
One thought may console the staff of 
ARA, however, regardless of the 
insults constantly hurled their way, the 
place has become, undoubtedly, a 
cafeterial legend in its own time. 

Opening 1 5 

1 6 Open 




A World Changing 
Before Our Eyes 

When an important historic event 
occurs, it may affect many people and 
remain in their memories throughout 
the course of their lifetime. For 
example, the explosion of the Space 
Shuttle Challenger is an image too 
easily recalled. Generally speaking, 
every new year brings with it 
happenings that will be written in the 
history books for centuries to come. 

But 1991 was different. In the 
course of this one year, the changes 
that the world witnessed were of such 
an earthshaking nature that no one 
could have predicted the outcome. We 
saw the fall of one of the world's 
greatest superpowers, melted into the 
politically and economically unstable 
Commonwealth of Independant States. 

In one year, the United States was 
into and out of a war in Saudi Arabia. 
With the popularity of George Bush 
waning at the beginning of 1991, the 

war caused polls in favor of Bush to 
soar. At the end of 1991, however. 
Bush was once again in a popularity 
hole; the result of a recession that 
affected almost every American. 

Clarence Thomas was elected to the 
Supreme Court after one of the 
biggest political fiascos since the 
advent of the age of telecomm- 
unications. William Kennedy Smith 
caused an unforgettable stir in Palm 
Beach Courts as he was aquitted on a 
rape charge. On a happier note, the 
Chicago Bulls came away with the 
World Championship in basketball and 
Michael Jordan became a sort of 
American hero. 

All of these events, in retrospect, 
affected not only the world, but 
ourselves individually. They'll be part 
of our lives and our memories for 
years to come. 

*photos courtesy of Wideworld Press 
and RM Photo Service 

1 8 Perspectives 

Perspectives 1 9 

"Thank God we had a 

Republican in office." 

-Dan Graff, Junior 

"In retrospect, the effects of 
Desert Storm weren't that 
earth-shattering. The only 
thing they screwed up was 
leaving Hussein alive." 
-Kirty Keseley, Senior 

"I still question whether or 
not it was our duty to 
intervene, especially since 
the U.S. had been 
supporting Iraq just a few 
years earlier." 

-Scott Perreiah, Freshman 

'. ''^.■tki'V SS ^ ;\ A. ^-... ^»«k. 

20 Perspectives 

Desert Storm 
Mesmerizes the World 

Operation Desert Storm, the war 
that started and ended in one year, was 
one that will long be remembered by 
people all over the world. At the end 
of January, in 1991, we sat 
mesmerized in front of our televisions 
watching the evolution of events in the 
Middle East. We worried about the 
psychotic Hitler-like tactics of Saddam 
Hussein, we worried about the men 
and women representing our country 
over there. But mostly, we worried 
about whether or not this war was 
justified. Though we supported our 
troops, we wondered just what exactly 
we were fighting for. Democracy, 
world security, or oil? 

Regardless of agreement or 
disagreement over the reasons for 
fighting, the results have been 
questionable. Some say the war was a 
success and secured the nuclear 
security of the world. Rumor had it 

that Hussein was just a year away from 
acquiring nuclear missies. After the 
war, that threat was removed. 

But the threat of Saddam himself 
was still very real. In the spring of 
1991, millions of Kurds fled Iraq 
because of his tyrannical rule. 
Approximately 6,700 of these refugees 
died of mostly digestive-related 
diseases while leaving Iraq. 63 percent 
of these deaths occurred among 
children under the age of five. 

Meanwhile, in June of 1991, when 
General Norman Schwarzkopf 
returned home, he was greeted in New 
York with a ticker tape parade. Later 
that same day a fireworks display 
saluted the troops. As one Korean War 
veteran present at the festivities stated, 
"These young boys put their lives on 
the line and now they're getting their 

*photos courtesy of Wideworld Press 
and RM Photo Service 

Perspectives 2 1 

"I'm not particularly 
surprised by the fall of 
communism, but I think 
people are being naively 
optimistic when thinking the 
end of the Cold War will 
solve all the world's 

-Barbara Conry, Junior 

"I believe the decline of 
communism was a great 
thing. Although it is just 
another way of governing 
people — it's a 
dysfunctional way of 
governing people." 
-Bock Gan, Junior 

"The fall of communism 
means more McDonald's in 
Eastern Europe." 

-Steve Vignocchi, Junior 

22 Perspectives 

On the Road to 
Mew World Order 

When considering the success of 
films like "The Hunt for Red 
October", "Little Nikita" and "The 
Russia House", the threat of the Cold 
War was no less present in the 80's 
than it was in the 1960's. The Soviet 
Union and the Communist forces had 
always been the traditional enemy of 
the United States and free countries 
around the world. 

1991 proved to be a historic year as 
the Superpower crumbled before the 
eyes of the world. In August of '91, 
Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev 
was placed under house arrest as the 
result of a coup attempt. Although this 
coup allegedly failed, the Soviet Union 
would never be the same. 

After this show of decisive action, a 
series of reforms and changes began. 
One of the most monumental changes 
occurred in the Baltic states. Three of 
these provinces declared their 

independence from the Soviet Union: 
Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. Little 
food, unemployment and civil unrest 
were just part of the price paid by the 

As Communism fell apart, few 
experts could predict the outcome. 
Diplomatic relations were thrown into 
turmoil as the U.S. was forced to deal 
with several different republics as 
opposed to the centralized government 
that it was accustomed to. 

Incredibly, Russian President Boris 
Yeltsin in December announced 
intentions to join NATO, the very 
organization that was formed to 
control the Soviet Union. Also, with 
these remarkable changes come the 
realization that in 40 years, few people 
will remember the Cold War, and no 
one will understand reruns of "The 
Hunt for Red October." 

*photos courtesy of Wideworld Photos 
and RM Photo Service 

Perspectives 23 

Anita Causes 
a Stir on the Hill 

Perhaps one of the most incredible 
and memorable news stories of the 
year broke with George Bush's 
nomination of Clarence Thomas, to fill 
Thurgood Marshal's seat in the U.S. 
Supreme Court. "Only in America," 
were Thomas's words after the 
nomination announced. His words, it 
turned out, were only too appropriate. 

After his nomination, a series of 
public hearings were conducted by the 
Senate Judiciary Committee, who were 
split 7-7 on the appointment. Just days 
before the full Senate was to vote, 
however, a 35-year old law professor 
named Anita Hill stepped forward 
with serious allegations of sexual 
harrassment. Hill, a former assistant to 
Thomas at the E.E.O.C., claimed she 
was the victim of sexual harassment 
while the two worked together for ten 


At this time the Senate Committee 
reconvened and heard three days of 
riveting testimony from Thomas, Hill 
and an entourage of witnesses 
representing both sides. As the nation 
and the world watched what seemed to 
be a political circus, opinions were 
formed and an important issue became 
prominent: sexual harassment in the 

But Thomas vehemently denied the 
accusations and said, "This is 
Kafkaesque. Enough is enough." 

After much debate over who was 
right and who was wrong — Clarence 
Thomas, Anita Hill, the system itself 
— the Senate voted to confirm him 
52-48. On October 18, 1991, Clarence 
Thomas became the 106th United 
States Supreme Court Justice. 

* Photos courtesy of Wideworld Photo 
and RM Photo Service 

24 Perspectives 

"I can't see why anyone 
would make up allegations 
like that." 

-Carmen Perry, 

"I think they are both victims. 
Thomas because he can't get 
away from the accusations and 
there's no way to prove either 
side, but at the same time, it's sad 
to think a thing Hke that could 
happen to a woman in the 
-Pete Murray, Senior 

"It's a dangerous precedent 
for women's sexual 
harrassment cases to turn 
into personal attacks." 
-Laura Kotelman, Junior 

Perspectives 25 

"I like the (Dr. Suess) book 
The Sneetches because of 
the star-belly sneetches, and 
they made a movie, too." 
-Liz Samples, Sophomore 

"I loved the (Dr. Suess) 

rhyme scheme. . .1 loved the 

eyes on those characters. 

They were hug e eyes. I also 

love the way they always had 

the little piece of hair or 

fuzz stuck to them." -Brad 

Swanson, Sophomore 

26 Perspectives 


Entertainment: A Bridge 
Over Troubled Water 

As the world struggled through 
trying ecomonic and political times, 
one institution remained: the 
Entertainment industry. 

Paul Simon, a 20th century music 
icon, gave a historic concert in Central 
Park in August of 1991. The 
performance was free, lasted for 
almost three hours and was attended 
by over 500,000 fans. Also in the 
music industry, 1991 saw a comeback 
of Michael Jackson with his album 
"Dangerous." With the controversial 
release and subsequent re-editing of 
his video "Black or White," some say 
that Jackson came "dangerously" close 
to crossing the line of good taste, while 
others accused the "Bad" one of 
pulling of a monumental publicity 

Meanwhile, on the Silver Screen, 
big-name stars were cashing in their 
appeal for the Big Bucks. Arnold 

Schwarzenegger, for example, starred 
in the most successful movie of 1991, 
"Terminator 2: Judgement Day." At a 
cost of more than $90 million, it was 
the most expensive movie ever made. 
You can bet that Arnie didn't walk 
away penniless either. 

Of couse, 1991 also brought the 
passing of some Entertainment 
legends. Michael Landon, the 
quintessential father figure from 
"Little House on the Prarie," died of 
cancer. Another beloved public figure, 
Dr. Suess, also passed away, 
undoubtedly to Who-heaven. 

As far as figures go, in September, 
1991, "Home Alone" was number one 
in video sales, "Dances with Wolves" 
the top rental, "Good Vibrations," by 
Markie Mark and the Funky Bunch 
was the top single and Guns N' Roses 
"Use Your Illusion 11" was the top- 
selling album. 

*Photos courtesy of Wideworld Press 
ind RM Photos 

Perspectives 27 

America Enjoys 
the Sporting Life 

The sports world is one of constant 
change; coaches and managers are 
fired and replaced, athletes are cut, 
injured or added to rosters. Yet in this 
ever-changing institution, one thing 
remains the same: the American public 
will always be glued to TV sets to 
watch their favorite teams play. 

Of course, the biggest news of 1991, 
at least in the Chicago area, was the 
victory of the Bulls over the LA 
Lakers in the NBA championship 
game. The Bull's star player and 
resident Superhero, Michael Jordan 
led his team to the victory during the 
most exciting season in Bull's history. 

Meanwhile, in the NFL, teams 
battled for the top spot throughout 
the season. One quarterback, Dan 
Marino of the Miami Dolphins, 
became the highest paid quarterback 
in the league. Although the Dolphins 

failed to make it into the Playoffs, the 
30-year old Marino signed a $25 
million contract in the fall of 199L 

Finally, in the good old American 
sport of baseball, the Minnesota 
Twins, in October narrowly squeezed 
past the Atlanta Braves to win Game 7 
of the World Series. 

On a sadder note, the nation and the 
world was stunned when Earvin 
"Magic" Johnson announced that he is 
HIV positive. The first professional 
sports figure to make such a statement, 
his disease was even more unbelievable 
and closer to home when he claimed 
he contracted the AIDS virus through 
heterosexual relations. Magic's disease 
was a tragedy, yet his brave admission 
nevertheless did a world of good for 
the cause of AIDS awareness and 

* Photos courtesy of Wideworld Photo 
and RM Photo Service 

28 Perspectives 


A Picture's Worth A Thousand Words 

30 Perspectives 

*Photo Courtesy of Wideworld Press 

Perspectives 3 1 

In Spite of it All: 

Mature Remains Constant 

Despite the instability of tlie world 
that we live in, jam packed with war, 
recession, environmental problems, 
poverty, recession and violence, 
despite it all, the universe still moves 
on in the same timeless fashion. 

On July 11, 1991, the moon slipped 
over the sun in a celestial event known 
as an eclipse. Day turned into black 
night for thousands of viewers and 
scientists as the moon lined up 

between the sun and Earth leaving 
dark a 160-mile-wide area of the 
planet. Even better, this was the first 
time that an eclipse path of totality 
passed over a major observatory (over 
a mountaintop in Hawaii) leaving 
spectators with an incredible view. 

Looking upon the miraculous 
workings of the universe, the problems 
that faced the world in 1991 and 1992 
seemed infinitesimal in nature. 

Perhaps a sight like this is all people 
need to gain a different perspective of 
the way life should be lived. There is 
also a sense of comfort in viewing an 
event like this. We know that, 
regardless of the turbulent times that 
make up our lives, some things remain 
constant, some things, thankfully, will 
never change. 

*Photo courtesy of Wideworld Press 

32 Perspectives 




The Ambassadors are a group of 
students who provide services for 
prospective students and their 
families. These services include 
walking tours of the campus and 
assistance with fall and spring open 
houses. New ambassadors are 
selected each spring from a group 
of Ambassador Apprentices. Any 
and all students are welcome to 
volunteer as Ambassador 
Apprentices. Any and all students 
interested in serving as an 
Ambassador Apprentice are 
encouraged to stop by the 
Admissions Office for further 

Hispanic Circle 

The Hispanic Circle is an 
organization for individuals 
interested in experiencing Hispanic 
culture, whether it be by speaking 
Spanish, eating at Cuban or 
Mexican restaurants or cafes, 
learning how to dance merenque, 
mamba or salsa, attending the 
flamenco performance or the 
annual Brazilian Carnival Dinner 
Dance in Chicago. The Hispanic 
Circle annually holds a pinata party 
with a Mexican band to which many 
faculty members love to bring their 
children. The Hispanic Circle also 
hosts Latin American Week, 
offering culture to the campus. The 
Circle has sponsored the showing of 
various Spanish and Latin American 
films during Latin American Week. 
Two years ago, Felipe Soria Ayuso, 
the vice consul from the Mexican 
Consulate in Chicago, came to speak 
on campus. 

(Bottom Row) Amy Shelley, Karla Weathers, Tricia Ptomey, Shannon Reidy, Erin Barry (2nd Row) 
Elizabeth Stanley, Liz Mobarak, Lauren Schulman, Jason Reitelman, Patti Timmerman (3rd Row) 
Marissa Cashy, Jennifer Giese, Scott Pozil, Julia Bailey, Daisy Ocasio, Julie Erickson, Marc Garneau 
(4th Row) Stacy Yule, Melissa Wagenaar, Amy Frerichs, Barry McDowell, Rob Wrather, Christian 
Dickinson, Judy Taflinger, David Cholewiak, Molly McNamara (5th Row) Kim Kasal, Jason 
Avicolli, Seraphim Carlson, Heather Jones, Skylar Vaughan, Eric Olson, Sue Wagenaar, Monique 
Macartney, Julie De Muyt (Top Row) Cindy Kasten, Mindy Tygar, Lydia Field, Brant Dykehouse, 
Carrie Drumm, Heather Reilly, Nik Soforenko, Emily Budd, Lisa Parker, Hilary Newlin, Sarah 
Beckstrom, Michelle Forgeron (Not Pictured) Ellie Brown, Carrie Callopy, Julie Enichen, Melissa 
Kemp, Suzanne Murphy, Sue Reddy, Mike Rweyemamu, Kay-Kay Webster, Dana Damon, Jennifer 
Franklin, Tanya McLin, Reza Palizban, Adrian Zachary, Brendan Liston, Jennifer Wesselman, 
Brady Wilson 

(Bottom Row) Emerald Karakoudas, Sonya lannone, Portia Rivera, (Top Row) Professor David 
George, Craig Lepkowski, Professor Carol Thickstun, Benito Magana 

34 Organizations 

(Bottom Row) Janet Matthew, Kathy Hafenscher, Lisa Stauffacher, Nicole Harper, Julie DeMuyt, 
Sandy Partyka, Lisa Montedore (Top Row) Steve Cachur, John Noonan, Dan Vacco, Eric Olson, 
Lance Lehmann 


The College chapter of the 
American Marketing Association is 
concerned with the promotion, 
study and research of scientific 
thinking about marketing and 
business issues. The organization 
sponsors informational programs 
and other activities about business, 
marketing, and career preparation. 
AMA projects have included field 
research such as taste tests, career 
roundtable discussions with 
representatives from businesses and 
other organizations, and a speakers 
program featuring advertising and 
marketing executives. 


Tusitala, the College's literary 
magazine, provides an outlet for 
student poets, prose writers, 
photographers and artists. Tusitala 
or "Teller of Tales" was the term 
that native Samoans dubbed writer 
Robert Louis Stevenson. Since 
January of 1935, Lake Forest 
students have recorded their tales in 
this annual literary magazine. 
Students who enjoy writing, as well 
as reading contemporary fiction are 
encouraged to join the staff, submit 
material, or both. 

(Bottom Row) Julie Erikson, Katy Bruggeman, Jason Reeves, Scott Souza (Top Row) Professor 
Philip Simmons, Bart Allen, Jessica Gwinn, Matt Coldwell, Kit Bland (Not Pictured) Helga 

Organizations 35 


College Republicans seek to 
promote political awareness by 
sponsoring speakers on campus, 
voter registration and volunteering 
during election time to promote 
Republican canidates. Speakers this 
year include Judge Henry C. 
Tonigan of the 1 9th judicial circuit. 
The club works closely with Lake 
County Republican Federation and 
Lake County Young Republicans 
and attends various events 
throughout the year including 
annual dinners, campaign rallies and 
fund raisers. Each spring the club 
attends the Illinois State College 
Republican Convention in Chicago. 

Model United 

Model United Nations is a forum 
for examining a number of 
international issues and solutions 
with a particular emphasis on the 
art of debate as a tool of 
negotiation. Model UN members 
have the opportunity to change the 
world in a weekend when they 
attend some of the many 
conferences across the nation each 
year. This fall the delegation 
attended the American Model 
United Nations Conference in 
Chicago and represented the nation 
of Czechoslovakia. In the spring 
delegates participated as the PLO at 
the Midwest Model UN in St. Louis. 
LFC delegates develop their 
knowledge, cultural understanding 
and communication skills during the 
exciting weekend of international 
affairs and bring their great 
experience back to the classroom. 

(Bottom Row) Laura Kotelman, Jessica Gardner, Stacy Yule (Top Row) Amy Frerichs, Gardiner 
Van Ness, Jonathan Howard, Peter Murray (Not Pictured) Matt Coldwell, Emily Berkeley, Mark 
Parker, Tom Hill, Matt Parker 

(Bottom Row) Amy Frerichs, Christina Durr, Laura Kotelman, Stacy Yule (Top Row) Christian 
Dickinson, Matt Coldwell (Not Pictured) Barbara Conroy, Tiffany Sutherland, Lance Tyson, 
Emerald Karakoudas 

36 Organizations 

f t^ 

.Bottom Row) Ben Brown, Jessica Gwinn, Noel Black, Allison Freund, Sara Voorhees, Janice Pytel, 
ILena Afary (2nd Row) Jason Reitelman, Tricia Lively, Matt Coldwell, Allison Thien, Worth 
JHawes, Carol Traver, Robin Kick, Rosa Valdivia, David Cholewiak, Tom Howard (3rd Row) Scott 
'Bachman, Heather Poe, Alice Mansfield, Melissa Roche, Lori Kurzawski, Kristin Graham, Karen 
i'arbrough, Scott Pozil (4th Row) Chris Bellios, Joanna Mason, Phiilippa Cooper, Elizabeth Siefert, 
Brant Dykehouse, Christian Dickinson, Charlie Matthes, Janna Lorentzen, Jennifer Fetter (Not 
iPictured) Katy Bruggeman, Gina Divito 

Red and Black 

Red and Black is an academic 
residence established in 1988 by the 
College Life Advisory Board. A 
selection committee consisting of 
faculty mentors, senior Red and 
Black fellows, and the Dean of 
Students in an ex-officio capacity, 
approves candidates to live in this 
residence on the basis of: academic 
excellence, faculty 
recommendations, and a 
commitment to promoting cultural 
and intellectual activities in the 
context of an academic support 
community. The aim of Red and 
Black is to enhance the academic 
and cultural environment of the 
college through: providing an 
atmosphere of pure support and 
leadership for academic endeavors, 
making academic and cultural 
events accessible to the community, 
promoting interactions between 
faculty and students, and providing 
a form for all students interested in 
taking an active role in 
understanding and shaping campus 


WMXM, broadcasting at 88.9 FM, 
is a 300 watt radio station located in 
Durand Commons. With its diverse 
programming, it seeks to fill the 
campus airwaves as well as the 
surrounding metropolitan Lake 
Forest area. Student disc jockeys 
run their own shows and take 
requests at all times. Everything 
from heavy metal to rap to sports 
reporting can be found on the 
station. Students are encouraged to 
go to their dormitory rooms and 
crank it up, even if that means 
ripping the knob of their tuners off. 

(Bottom Row) Dashun Davis, Peter Day, Nicole Fleming, Dan Faber, Katherine Holt, Laura 
Kotelman, Joe Chin (2nd Row) Steve Vignocchi, Martin Teller, Brearn Wright, Rodney Woodruff, 
Steven Schuh, Brad Swanson, Shenae Simmons, Sue Reddy (3rd Row) Tony Popow, Tricia 
Petersen, Becky Caliendo, Duane Pearson, Brian Gifford, Drew Riedl, Greg Battin, Bob Blair- 
Smith (Not Pictured) John Christian-Marino, Dylan Parks, Sam Glicksman, Jeremy Applebaum, 
Eric Lynner, Otis Muttagee, Greg Boltz, Todd Carr, Greg Lage, Chris Bellios, Rick Dixon 

Organizations 37 




The Campus Entertainment 
Committee provides support for the 
various events held in 
Commonplace. These students assist 
the performers in setting up their 
equipment as well as disassembling 
it at the end of each performance. 
The students are also responsible 
for the advertising of all 
performances and assist in the 
decision making and scheduling 
process for performers. The 
weekend movies shown in 
McCormick Auditorium are also the 
responsiblity of the Campus 
Entertainment Committee. 

(Bottom Row) Barry McDowell, Pat Lingley (Second Row) Tricia Peterson, Becky Caliendo, 
Stephanie Schade, Jessica Gardner, Heather Juengst (Top Row) Molly McNamara, Heather 
Brummel, Beth Nowak, Rosa Valdivia, Doug Sutherland, Erin McMahon, Liz Mobarak 

Social Services 

The purpose of the Social Services 
Organization at Lake Forest College 
is to provide students with 
opportunities for community service 
through volunteer work. Examples 
include aiding handicapped 
children, sponsoring parties at 
homes for the elderly, and 
conducting field trips to social 
service agencies. The Social Services 
Organization is open to all persons 
interested in volunteer work, 
regardless of major or career 

(Bottom Row) Amy Shelley, Juliann Emanualson, Darini Nichols, Hannelle Culpepper, Lisa Azu, 
Nell Bruen (Top Row) Amy Frerichs, Shelia Somers, Roxanne Johnson, Vesheta Miller, Shelia 
Thomas, Tony Popow, Nathalie Richards 

38 Organizations 

(Bottom Row) Worth Hawes, Handle Culpepper, Bert Roberts, Tony Popow (Top Row) Scott 
Bachmann, Yvette Haire, Tomone lizuka, Alison Thien, Rosa Valdivia, Erin McMahon 

Film Club 

The Film Club is an extension of 
the Lake Forest College Campus 
Activities office. This group chooses 
the films shown on campus 
throughout each weekend and on 
Tuesday evenings. The members of 
the Club are also responsible for 
opening McCormick Auditorium 
and showing the films. This very 
demanding job is staffed only by 
those students who have the 
dedication and desire to place the 
social level of Lake Forest College 
on a higher level. 


The Student Affiliates of the 
American Chemical Society is an 
organization that sponsors activities 
designed to promote a greater 
understanding and appreciation of 
chemistry. In the spring, SAACS 
also sponsors a student research 
symposium that not only provides 
students with an opportunity to 
present their independent work, but 
also serves to inform and inspire 
other students to participate in 
chemistry. Any student interested in 
joining should contact one of the 

(Bottom Row) Professor William Martin, Sarah Gallagher, Sue Reddy, Jim Kalkanis, Ashish Desai 
(Top Row) Darrell Armstrong, Tom Howard, Graham Haas, Jim Furbee 

Organizations 39 

Peer Counselors 

The Peer Counselors are students 
trained by the CounseHng Center in 
intervention skills for their peers 
with problems of alcohol and drug 

Beta Beta Beta 

Beta Beta Beta, whose LFC 
chapter dates back to 1935, 
functions as an honor society 
for students of the biological 
sciences. Its activities are 
designed to stimulate interest, 
scholarly attainment, and 
investigation in the biological 
sciences, as well as to promote 
the dissemination of 
information and new 
interpretations among students 
of the life sciences. 

To become an active member 
of Tri-Beta, a student must 
have completed at least four 
biology courses and have 
received a grade of B or better 
in three of those courses. 
Associate membership is open 
to any student with an interest 
in the life sciences. New active 
and associate members are 
elected each term by the 
present chapter members. The 
officers are elected from 
among the active members at 
the last meeting of each school 

(Bottom Row)Tamana Nanavaty, Sue Waganaar, Adrian Zachary, Scott Smithgall, Marcie 
Stenmark, Chris Potter, Duane Pearson, (Top Row) Sue Bowring, Larisa Stross, Beanie 
Gallagher, Kimi Kurz, Kim Booke, Ken Weik. 

40 Organizations 


(Front Row) David Rodriguez, Nicky Centracchio, Kim Awon, Heather Poe, Mike Annunziato, 
(Second Row) Nicole Couillard, Jenny Quintana, Tricia Lively, Sonya lannone, Carmen Perry, 
Scott Pozil, Tanya McLin, (Back Row) Joe Brooks, Dashun Davis, Chris Bennett, Jim Shreve, 
Kelly Scheurell, Theresa Shepple, Jackie Gronek, Amanda Kutkas. 

(Front Row) Hanelle Culpepper, Mickey Pulce, Nicole Fleming, Bonita Doss, Sonya Turner, Lisa 
Azu, (Back Row) Tanya McLin, Yvette Haire, Brearn Wright, Doug Sutherland, Renee Burgess, 
Rodney Woodruff, Tony Popow. 


The Prelaw Association 
sponsors local events which may 
be of interest to students 
considering law school, and they 
send a team to the annual 
Undergraduate Mock Trial 
Competition at Drake University. 


ACCESS (African Americans and 
others committed to an Open 
Community for Equality, Cultural 
Sensitivity, and Service) helps the 
campus community to become 
more aware of the African- 
American culture and heritage. 

Organizations 4 1 

French Club 

The goal of the French Club is to 
give the community a better 
understanding of French culture 
through their participation in a 
number of cultural activities either 
on campus or in the greater 
Chicago Area. 


ISO (International Students 
Organization) brings together 
international students and other 
students with diverse cultural 
interests. This union provides a 
supportive community for students 
and is intended to further an 
awareness and understanding of 
various cultures within the group 
and the college community. 

Professor Hahn, Robin Kick, Nell Bruen, Marissa Cashy, Chris Davis, Rosa Valdivia, Emerald I 

Karakoudas, Carrie Grunkemeyer. 5 

(Front Row) Sudheshna Reddy, Yasuyo Nomura, Tony Popow, Lisa Azu, Edit Vesser, (Back Row) 
Sheila Thomas, Darini Nicholas, Elizabeth Stanley, Nathalie Richard, Bock Gan, Stephanie Hall, 
Akiko Sekikawa, Roxanne Johnson. 

42 Organizations 

(Front Row) Laura Kotelman, Emily Berkeley, (Back Row) John Noel, Scott Pozil, Scott Perreiah. 

Roxanne Bledsoe, Lisa Azu, Dai Ichikawa, Mike Rweyemamu, Gardiner Van Ness, Shadi 
Soomekh, Sue Bowring, John Noonan, Amie Holzer, Doug Sutherland, Carrie Collopy, Kristina 
Slader, Alison Thien, Speer Macartney, Jennifer Franklin, Paul Salemme, Sam Silberman, Worth 
Hawes, Joanna Mason, Noel Black, Bailey Davis. 

Model Illinois 

Model Illinois Government (MIG) 
seeks to promote an 
understanding of Illinois state 
politics. The members prepare 
throughout the year by debating 
legislation and honing in on 
parliamentary procedure skills. 
Each spring a delegation of 
Representatives and Senators of 
each party and even some 
lobbyists are sent to the state 
capital of Springfield to debate in 
the actual House of 
Representatives and Senate, 
attend party caucases and elect 
new government officials for the 
following year. Students gain a 
great understanding of the 
legislative process as well as the 
role of political parties in 

General Assembly 

The student government is one 
of the oldest and most established 
organizations at Lake Forest 
College. Founded in 1917, its 
primary function has been to 
voice student concerns to the 
administration and faculty. In 
1991-1992, our student 
government has operated under a 
new constitution. Led by Michael 
Rweyemamu, Joanna Mason, and 
John Noonan (in the fall term) 
and Carrie Collopy, Worth 
Hawes, and Charles Lasco (in the 
spring term) the goal of this year 
was to assure open 
communication between various 
factions of the College 
throughout this period of change. 

Organizations 43 

Best Buddies 

Best Buddies of America is a non- 
profit volunteer organization whose 
purpose is to enhance 
extracurricular activities for 
individuals with mental retardation, 
by interaction with college students 
on a one-to-one basis. 

(Front Row) Amy Mount, Korey Healey, Tara Lambert, Janet Matthew, (Second Row) Katie 
Reichardt, Jenny Palenske, Tricia Ptomey, Kim Whitten, Don Mastro, Jenny Sunberg, (Back 
Row) Gate Reavis, Kevin Delaney, Mark Woudstra, Doug Moffat, Reza Palizban. (Not Pictured) 
Amanda Kutkas, Andre Lacroix. 


The League for Environmental 
Awareness and Protection is a 
student group promoting 
environmental education and 

(Front Row) Lena Afary, Sarah Lowther, Bailey Davis, Eric Meadow, Raquel Castillo, Janice 
Pytel, Lara Schiller, Rachel Bradt, (Second Row) Janna Lorentzen, Julie Wanderer, Hanelle 
Culpepper, Yasuyo Nomura, Marcie Stenmark, Betsy Smith, Kristal Snow, Keri Cook, Louisa 
Bray, (Back Row) Anne Etienne, Jill Alexander, Noel Black, Ryan Carpentier, Aimee Forsberg, 
Megan Cisne, Ben Brown, Sheila Strobel, Christian Dickinson, Gina DiVito, Chris Bennett, Alexis 
Thynne, Rosa Valdivia, Monte Hull, Kit Bland, Duane Pearson, Ben Wilton, John Noel, Rebecca 
Wilson. (Not Pictured) Heather Poe. 

44 Organizations 

The Stentor 

The Lake Forest College campus 
newspaper, published for the first 
time during the 1886-87 
academic year, continues to cover 
campus events, provide editorial 
opinion, and offer a voice to the 
Lake Forest College community. 

(Front Row) Dede Gay, Carol Travers, Dai Ichikawa, Lisa Wilkins, Ted Holsteen, Julia Bailey, 
Craig Lepkowski, (Second Row) Kimberley Little, Edit Vesser, Sam Glicksman, Jo-Nell Herndon, 
Alison Steeble, Alice Mansfield, Hanelle Culpepper, Sheila Thomas, (Back Row) Chris Potter, 
Blaise Mibeck, Brad Savage, Dave Wilson, John Noel, Scott Pozil, Roxanne Bledsoe. (Not 
Pictured) Timothy State, Ted Handler. 

The Forester 

Each year this group of students 
produces a lasting book of 
memories which contains pictures 
of students, faculty and 
administration as they engage in 
the academic and social activities 
on campus. 

(Front Row) Judy Taflinger, Chris Durr, Laura Kotelman, Gardiner Van Ness, Julie Erickson, 
(Second Row) Bock Can, Matt Coldwell, Chris Bellios, Mark Collier, Jennifer Fetter, Dede Gay, 
(Back Row) Sarah Beckstrom, Kristin Graham, Nicole Harper, Edit Vesser, Sue Wagenaar, 
Wendy Viets, Monica Walsh, Chris Meyer. (Not Pictured) Janet Matthew, Elizabeth Overturf, 
Elizabeth Stanley. 

Organizations 45 

Women's Issues 

Women's Issues Table (WIT) is a 
consciousness-raising group, and 
discussion table, sponsoring 
programs on issues regarding the 
conditions, images, and concerns of 

Pro Choice 

Pro Choice is an organization which 
allows students to speak freely about 
the controversial issue of abortion. 
During this year the members of the 
pro choice group attended a march 
in support of the pro choice 
movement and held a letter writing 
campaign to support their issue. 

(Front Row) Liz Samples, Lena Afary, Julie Wanderer,, Janice Pytel, Mindy Tygar, Katie Parkin, 
Sheila Thomas, Lisa Azu, (Second Row) Roxanne Johnson, Stephanie Hall, Daisy Ocasio, Stacy 
Wiggall, Erin McMahon, Roxanne Bledsoe, Gina DiVito, Yasuyo Nomura, (Back Row) Tiffany 
Sutherland, Handle Culpepper, Ben Brown, Christian Dickinson, Duane Pearson, Janna 
Lorentzen, Joe Chin, Alexis Thynne, Dan Faber. 

(Front Row) Helga Zagmeister, Darini Nicholas, Vesheta Miller, Elizabeth Stanley, (Back Row) 
Roxanne Johnson, Nathalie Richard, Liz Mobarak, Tony Popow, Yasuyo Nomura, Landon 
Newcomet, Marissa Cashy, Gina DiVito, Sheila Thomas, Lena Afary, Ricki Jensen. 

46 Organizations 

(Front Row) Ted Dever, Stefan Peirson, Doug Moffat, (Back Row) Todd Carr, Scott Wessel, 
Turner Lang, Michael Burns, Sam Bodine, Brian Bednarz-Townsend, Bill Paxton, John Newlin, 
Mike Annunziato, Ed Malison, Chris Hamilton, Scott DeVaney, Travis Beard, Carter Fenton. 

(Front Row) Matt Cochran, Andy Weesner, Steve Michalek, Dave Hansen, Jeff Rupich, Brian 
Lescinskas, Chuck Lasco, (Second Row) John Noonan, Francois Marquis, Joel Forney, Chris 
Walsh, Phil Christopher, Brent Hudson, Leo Smerglia, Mark Collier, Erik Rasmussen, Pat 
Schuleit, Gary Heath, Eric Olson, Todd Parola, Danny Cole, Jim Adams, Ken Ottaviano. 

Alpha Chi 
Kappa Sigma 

Alpha Chi is a fraternity founded at 
Lake Forest College in 1983. Its 
primary goals and philosophy are 
based upon academic excellence and 
a concern with the betterment of 
the college community. Alpha Chi 
became Kappa Sig in 1991 when the 
fraternity went national, retaining 
the name Alpha Chi as its chapter 


The fraternity of Brotherhood 
has submitted their goals for the 
1991-92 academic year as follows. 
"We are determined to continue 
programs which have worked in the 
past and we are intent on instituting 
new objectives which will make our 
organization more well rounded. 

. . .We plan to continue our 
community service projects which 
help the needy.... 

. . .The Brotherhood also plans to 
be very involved in the Lake Forest 
College community. We are 
committed to supporting campus 
events and concerns which affect 
the students of the college. We will 
continue to be strong campus 
supporters of athletic events. We 
would also like to be more involved 
in academic events.... 

. . .We will continue to sponsor 
social events for the entire 
campus. . ." 

Organizations 47 

Beta Triton 

Beta Triton is a fraternity which 
provides the college with numerous 
social and community-orientated 
functions throughout the year. 

(Front Row) Volkert Veldhoven, John Weis, Matt Vernon, Steve Cook, Mike McGinnis, Dai 
Ichikawa, (Back Row) Charlie Constable, Drew Strawbridge, Bill Jewett, Dave Wilson, Steve 
Stoyka, Eric Saul, Chris Nolin, Sam Glicksman, Greg Martin, Mark Peysakhovich, Scott Bellem, 
Pete Baillos, Dylan Parks, Randy Scully, Adam Campbell, Mark Hammond. 

Phi Pi Epsilon 

Phi Pi Epsilon, established at LFC in 
1895, is the "oldest local fraternity 
in the United States." The brothers 
of Phi Pi Epsilon are involved in 
many campus organizations and 
athletic teams. 

(Front Row) Steve Strohmer, Dan Bracken, Dave Wakabayashi, Graeden Ambrose, (Second Row) 
Rob Ventura, Bryan Desmond, Andre Lacroix, Sean Gill, Scott Braming, (Third Row) Peter 
Whitlock, Chad Welborn, Rich Nagel, (Fourth Row) Karl Bonawitz, Eric Lynner, Don Mastro, 
Dan Vacco, Tim Ouhrabka, Greg Selby, Eric Drometer, Tim Lynn, Dave Kulik, (Fifth Row) Bill 
Kuebbeler, Mark Woudstra, Mike Wasik, Pete Brigham, (Back Row) Scott Elias, Tony Leraris, 
Dave Frattalone, Howie Saperston, Tim Jones, Brady Wilson, Corey O'Connor, Kevin Delaney. 

48 Organizations 


(Front Row) Dil Arsakularatna, Nikki Strefling, Lisa Thompson, Kim O'Malley, Tricia Ptomey, 
Liz Barber, Yvette Haire, (Second Row) Wendy Viets, Marcie Stenmark, Elizabeth Talbot, Jenny 
Palenske, Jenny Severson, Sue Wagenaar, Kay-Kay Webster, Lauren Schulman, Jennifer Ellis, Ani 
Doss, (Back Row) Suzanne Murphy, Monique Macartney, Sarah Lowther, Nikki Schultz, Julie 
Jacobs, Julie DeMuyt, Carole Kwasinski, Steffanie Selengut, (Not Pictured) Tricia Parziale, Bailey 
Davis, Christy Westbrooks, Beth Ehardt, Emily Franz, Kristen Graham. 

Gamma Phi 

Gamma Phi Omega was 
founded in 1988 as an 
organization for women and 
became a sorority in the Fall of 
1989. The goals of this group 
include promoting diversity, 
providing service for the 
communtity, and expanding 
opportunities for women. 

Alpha Pi Delta 

Alpha Pi Delta is a sorority which serves 
both a social and a philanthropic purpose. 
The members are interested in organizing 
social activities for themselves and for the 
community at large. 

(Front Row) Alison Steeble, Amanda Wright, Amie Sunseri, Betsy Yelson, Monica Maltagliati, 
Heather O'Leary, Simona Ori, Emily Budd, Julie Enichen, Korey Healey, (Second Row) Lydia 
Bartletta, Ellie Brown, Abby Karasick, Eliana Brown, Molly McClain, Tracy Cleveland, Stephanie 
Halter, Annie Ferry, Kelly Metyk, (Back Row) Michelle Niles, Lisa Parker, Sarah Raynor, 
Samantha Stern, Devon Olsen, Anna Kourakis, Liz Copeland, Amie Holzer, Lizzie Petersen, 
Allison Cobb, Jo-Nell Herndon, Olivia Jonqua, Katharine Baldwin, Hilary Newlin. 

Organizations 49 

Gamma Rho Delta 

Gamma Rho Delta is a sorority 
committed to developing the spirit 
of sisterhood among members and 
dedication to Lake Forest College. 
Open and private parties given 
throughout the year seek to 
enhance the social atmosphere of 
the campus. 

(Front Row) Kate Bailey, Jen Wesselman, (Second Row) Allegra Costa, Allison Campion, 
Gretchen Royle, Darci Arnold, Cindy Norton, Lori Meenan, Cara-Mier Capone, Mackie Gardner, 
Paige Baldwin, (Back Row) Garrett Fleitas, Sarah Lepinski, Tiffany Billingsley, Melissa Roper, 
Allison FitzSimons, Beth Willson, Jessica Filoon, Brooke Brown, Mary Arnold, Jenny Monroe, 
Holly Sloan. 

Panhellenic Council 

The Panhellenic Council serves as 
an umbrella organization for the 
Greek groups on campus. Currently 
there are four fraternities and three 


(Front Row) Chris Walsh, Ken Ottaviano, Kate Bailey, Kevin Delaney, Dan Bracken, Monique 
Macartney, Tricia Ptomey, Liz Barber, (Back Row) Pete Ginnegar, Jen Wesselman, Stefan 
Peirson, Ted Dever, Bill Jewell, Charlie Constable, Scott Braining, Andre Lacroix, Katharine 
Baldwin, Hilary Newlin. 

50 Organizations 

■■■■■ amm nil 


Alternative Weekend 
Entertainment (A.W.E.) is a 
group dedicated to bringing non- 
alcoholic activities to the student 
body. The activities that A.W.E. 
provides range from trips into 
the heart of Chicago. . .to local 
mall runs. A.W.E. proves that 
you do not have to drink to have 
a good time. 

(Front Row) Ted Holsteen, Kristin Graham, Lori Kurzawski, Melissa Roche, (Back Row) Michael 
Rweyemamu, Dan Faber, Tom Howard, Sam Silberman. 

Qarrick Players 

Garrick Players, the oldest 
continuous collegiate theatre 
organization in Illinois, offers 
faculty-directed, student-directed 
and student-written productions. 

(Front Row) Lori Kurzawski, Tom Howard, Julie Erickson, Handle Culpepper, Nicole Cooper, 
Carol Travers, Kristin Graham, Sonya lannone, (Back Row) Megan Cisne, Worth Hawes, Dan 
Faber, Scott Smithgall, Dillon Rasmussen, Jennifer Lenzmeier, Bert Roberts, Melissa Roche 

Organizations 5 1 

Presenting. . . 

. . .Our 

Country s 


by: Timberlake 

(Right) Kim Awon, Scott Smithgall, Jennifer 
Lowe, and Lori Kurzawski in the final scene of 
the play. (Below) The characters portrayed by 
Tom Howard, and Bert Roberts converse about 
the play they are going to perform. 

(Below) Tom Howard and Scott Smithgall in a rehearsal for the play within the play, 
as the rest of the characters look on. 




^ -m . 




-V ' 1 



. *^ -F: 


» , 

/^^ 1- ^ f 


■ * 

Scott Smithgall, Jennifer Lowe, Lori Kurzawski, Charlie Matthes, Tom Howard, Jennifer 
Lenzmeier, and Dillon Rasmussen in a somber scene. 

Tom Howard, Dillon Rasmussen, and Charlie Matthes 
serving as judges in a trial of one of the convicts. 

52 Organizations 


student Directed One Acts 

Dillon Rasmussen and Michelle Niles perform in 
Dentity Crisis , a zany satirical comedy out of sorts, 
creatively written by Christopher Durand and directed 
by Aeysha Walsh. 

Brady Rubenstein and Tony Popow portray a 
department store mannequin and an eccentric 
construction worker in Window Dressing , a one-act 
portraying the image of %vomen, written by Joanna 
Russ and directed by Hanelle Culpepper. 

Michelle Silver directed A Marriage Proposal written by Anton Chekhov and performed by Charlie Matthes, 
Kristin Graham, and Dan Faber. 

Cindy Norton, Charlie Matthes, and Carolyn Travers, 
play in Naomi in the Living Room , the first of two 
plays performed that were written by the satirical 
Christopher Durang. Naomi in the Living Room was 
idirected by Karen Yarbrough. 

Springtime written by Maria Irene Fornes and 
directed by Jennifer Lenzmeier, starred Nicole 
Cooper, and Kim Awon as two women who change 
within their relationship with each other through 
encounters with outside forces. 

On October 31, 1991, 
the Garrick Players 
opened their season with 
Our Country's Good, by 

Wertenbaker. The play, 
set in the English penal 
colony of Sidney, 
Australia in 1 788-89, 
painted a vivid portrait 
of convicts ' 'escaping' ' 
their prison while 
rehearsing a play under 
the direction of one of 
their jailers. 

Next, the Student- 
Directed One-Acts were 
presented from December 
fifth through the seventh. 
Five One-Acts, ranging 
from comedies to 
tragedies, were directed 
by students from the 
directing class. 

In the spring, 
Garrick' s guest-director, 
Michael Menendian, 
presented Arthur 
Miller's The Crucible on 
February 27, 28, and 
29. The last "big" show 
of the season was The 
Liar by Pierre Corneille, 
presented on April 
second, third, fourth, 
nineth, tenth, and 
eleventh. To end the 
Garrick Players 91-92 
season, Playwrights-In- 
Progress XI was 
presented April 23, 24, 
and 25. 

Copy by Lori Kurzawski 
Photos by Ellen E. Jones 


Organizations 53 

'Remember those field trips when teachers insisted on using the buddy system?. 

(Above) "The men and their music." (Drew Riedl, Duane Pearson) (Upper 
Right) "You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. . ."(Jason Reeves, Michelle 
MacEnulty) (Right) "Smile and the world smiles with you." (Nicole 
Harper, Liz Porter, Anna Kourakis, Janet Matthew, Sandy Bozich) 

54 Organizations 



Dever, T.M., and Danimal wish the Brothers of Alpha Chi the best of luck in the future. 

AX Do or Die. 

Thanks AX, all my love and 

Thanks Warn, D, Karkass, 
Kitty & Kim 


To my good friends, my 
gratitude and love. 


Shawn David Danhouser 

This is not the beginning or the end, 
it is only the end of the beginning. 



Theodore R. Martin 

Ted Dever 

AX/K2 57 

Alpha Pi Delta 

Don't be dismayed at goodbyes. 
A farewell is necessary before you can 

meet again. 
And meeting again, after moments or 


is certain for those who are friends. 


(Bottom) Katherine Baldwin, Laura Secrist, Tracy Cleveland, Betsy Yelson, Roopa Patel, Anna 
Kourakis, Liz Porter (Second) Lisa Parker, Philippa Cooper, Heather O'Leary, Monica 
Maltagliati, Kathy Stephenson, Julie Enichen, Cate Reavis, Julia Schwartz, Keri Cook (Third) 
Michelle Niles, Simona Ori, Emily Budd, Molly McClain, Hilary Newlin 

58 AIIA 

!W b. ' 4»HMftMX)M li l <W t l llWiyHU^W«*llil L I 

To M.O. My friend 

"Pooh!" he 

"Yes, Piglet?" 

"Nothing," said 
Piglet, taking Pooh's 

"I just wanted to be 
sure of you." 

Elizabeth Porter 

Thanks for everything Mom and 
Dad. I love you. 

It is perfectly true, as 
philosophers say, that life must 
be understood backwards. But 
they forget the proposition that 
it must be lived forewords. 


There is a vitality, a life force, a quickening that 

is through you into action, and because there is 

only one of you in all time, this expression is 

unique. -Martha Graham 

To my family and friends, thank you for the wonderful times. I love you all. 

Keri Elizabeth Cook 

AHA 59 

Tracy Moel Cleveland 

Thanks Mom & Dad — How did I get so 



AIIA "I've loved these days' 

Make the most of life 
Before most of life is gone. 

-Billy Joel 

From there to 

From here to 

Funny things 
are everywhere? 
-Dr. Seuss 

LS,LP,& JE — Three of the best friends I could 
ever have! Thank You! 

Laura Anne Secrist 

T.C, L.P.J.E.- 

Cheers & Tears 

to an end 

Which is just a 


Beginning for all 

of us! 
Good luck in life! 
Thanks for giving 

All the memories! 

Thanks AHA — 
Love y'all! 

60 AHA 


Lisa Janice Parl^er 

Mom, Dad, Little Brother — I Love You 

"A certain friend I had with strength to lend: 

When I was spent I went to find my friend." 

Alpha Pi — I love you guys. . .HAPPINESS, HAPPINESS 

L-T-J Thanks for all the love, laughter and randomness in 
the enchanted forest. 

r\ "I am part of all 
M that I have met and 
they are part of 
]^ Laura, Lisa, Tracy 
and Liz 

Thanks for making 
LFC such a happy 

Julie Eniclien 

AIIA 61 

Monica Maltagliati 

We want to thank our 

family, friends and our 

sorority for all the love and support 

Betsy Yelson 

62 AHA 

Roopa Patel 





To my family, my 
friends, and AIIA 
Thank you for the 
constant love and 

A special thanks to Nik 
— our time together 
speaks better than any 
words could ever 

Happiness is having a large, loving, caring, close-knit family. 
Thanks Mom & Dad 

The most beautiful discovery true 

friends make is that they can grow 

separately without growing apart. 

LFC — Thanks for some wonderful 


but most of all; Thanks for such 

wonderful friendships! 

Anna Kourakis 

AHA 63 

Philippa Anne Cooper 


To our Friends and 


If I keep on tallying 


I'll only start repeating 


All I can say is: 

I love you, 
-James Taylor 

Heather O'Leary 

Slow down, You move too fast. 
You've got to make the moment last 
Just kicking down the cobble stones 
Looking for fun and feeling groovy. 

-Simon & Garfunkel 

Oh the places you'll go. . . 

So be sure when you step, 

Step with care and great tact, 

and remember that life's, 

a Great Balancing Act, 

Just never forget to be dexterous and 


And never mix up your right foot with 

your left. 

-Dr. Seuss 

64 AJIA 

Julia Cruger Schwartz 

Thanks for everything Mom 

& Dad. 

I love you! 

Thanks to everyone 
for four great years. 

DB — Thanks for your support through all the times - here's to 

many more. 

Family and Friends — Thanks, and I love you!! 

Jody Leigh Harris 

AHA 65 

Emily Wheeler Budd 

Bill(X3), nancy(X3), Mary, Mark, David and 
Christian - Thank you for your love and 

To my friends — 
"Piglet sidled up to 
Pooh from behind. 
'Pooh' he 
whispered 'Yes, 
Piglet?" 'Nothing' 
said Piglet, taking 
Pooh's paw. 'I just 
wanted to be sure 
of you.' " 

Thank you! 


Dad, Mom, Qrazia, riadia — 

You are the most important part of 

my life — 

QRAZIE — Love You Forever! 

These past four years 
have been 
"Your success and 
happiness lie in you. 
Resolve to keep happy 
and in your joy you shall 
form an invincible host 
against difficulties." 

Simona Ori 

66 AIIA 


Katharine Louise Baldwin 

To my family, friends, and AHA — Thank you all for 
making my four years at LFC memorable! I love you all. 

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the 

Lord, "Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, to give 

you a hope and a future." -Jer. 29:1 1 

Gate Reavis 

AHA 67 

HUary liewlin 

"It's my job to be worried half to death. . ." — J. Buffett 

Thanks to al] the wonderful (and RANDOM!) people who have 
made the years here the best. All my love and eternal gratitude to 
the Sisters of AHA — love you guys! To Mom, John D., Grammy 
and John: Words cannot thank you enough. . . -HN-D 

"5^* "There is a road 

No simple highway 
Between the dawn 
And the dark of night. 
And if you go 
No one may follow 
That path is for 
Your steps alone." 
-R. Hunter, J. Garcia 

Michelle T. niles 

68 AHA 

Molly Ann McClain 

Don't walk in 
front of me; I 
may not follow. 
Don't walk 
behind me; I may 
not lead. 
Just walk beside 
me, and be my 

-Albert Camus 

Fare thee well now. . ., let your life 
proceed by its own design.-G.D.- 

Thanks to all my friends and 
family, you're the best and I 
love you all. 

Thanks to all my family, friends 
and AHA for your support and the 
memoriesl I Love You. 



Kathleen Joslyn Stephenson 

AIM 69 

Beta Triton Seniors 

Charlie Constable 

Randy Scully 

Dai Ichikawa 

William Jewett 

Tom Morgan 

Matt Caplice 
Steve Cook 
Dave Wilson 
Greg Martin 
John Weis 

Sam Qlicksman 

Pete Baillos 

Mark Peysakhovich 

Volkert Veldhoven 

Chris riolin 

70 Beta Triton 

John Weis 

Don't regret what you do, regret what you didn't do! 

Steve Cook 

Beta Triton 71 

Eric Saul 

Thank you to mom and dad for making the 
overseas experience possible. Friends, BT, 
Jerry, thank you so much. 
"Here's to the old lady!" 

Volkert Veldhoven 

72 Beta Triton 

Dai Mayson Ichikawa 

Open your ears and let your mind grow. 


Thanks to the folks, the friends and the 

Greg Martin 

Beta Triton 73 

Peter E. Baillos 


vA.'L ■:^i\T.;S:v; 

To the Bretheren of Beta Triton: Remember to 
keep doing what we do best, and have one for us. 

- In The Bonds, 

David C. Wilson 

74 Beta Triton 


Samuel J. Qlicksman 

Samuel J. Glicksman 

i AT The Movies: :2:;ir™ 

• ■ r 

• •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• existence or 

desire as a human 

Sam (Jlicksman f^^^ ^^^^1^ ^^ff-^^^ 

Stentor Movie Critic ^^^^,^ ^^ ^^^ Ol^ Lady as proof." 

-L.H.M. -Sartre 

The Devil & Ridiculous 

(■-'laP^^L- ^Mv^^^^^^H 

1 ^ > ^^"'^'^'^C^tJ^^^^^^I 



Christopher F. Potter 

Beta Triton 75 

Adam B. Campbell 

Many Thanks to Our Families and Friends 

Well I ain't always right but I've never been wrong, 
Seldom turns out the way it does in a song. 
Once in a while you get shown the light 
In the strangest of places if you look at it right. 

The Grateful Dead 

The Russian Adumbah 

The Champions of Short Term Memory 

The point is not to correct the mistakes 

and really be right; rather it is not to think 

you are right at all. -Allan Bloom 

Mark Peysakhovich 

76 Beta Triton 

William H. Jewett 

"Zigzag when being chased by an 
alligator." -Anonymous 

Thank you Mom, Dad, Harry, 
B.B., Bob, and my new and old 
friends, for your care, support, 
and good times over the past 
four years. 


"You can lead a horse to water, but that doesn't make him a 
duck." -Anonymous 

Thanks to the whole family for all you have done for me in these 
past years. Special thanks to "King" for everything, and of 
course to all of my friends. 

Charles A. Constable 

Beta Triton 77 

Chris nolin 







^■«> 'V'.^ ^ 

r : ■ 


Bfc^_,^ M 



f . 


:. J 


The sun never forgets to 


it could be tiiat we are 

destined to go far. 


Thanks Mom & Dad 

Matt Caplice 

78 Beta Triton 

Dylan Parks 

What Ever! 


-So we put on some Reggae 
and drank lots of beer. IRIE! 

-Somebody please share the wealth! 

-Don't forget your roots and culture. Mikey Dread 

-Leave yesterday behind and take a giant step 
outside you mind. Taj Mahal 


My Favorite Bathing Beauties. 

". . .twenty years of schooling and 
they put us on the day shift. . ."Bob ^■aC'^i 

Dylan They're not laughing with us they're laughing at us. 

Thanks for nothing Cleofits! 

Mark Hammond 

Beta Triton 79 


Established 1979 

Steve Michalek, Joel Forney, Chris Walsh, John Noonan, Guy Collins, Terry 
Regas, Eric Olson, Mike May, Jason Peterson, Dan Cole, Ken Ottaviano. Not 
Pictured: Otis Muttaqee. 

Good Times, Good Friends, Good Beer! 

^r,^^y^r^"?scW^^^;:*v^VB5rlqE*a^■c■ ■ 

Jason Peterson 

"Livin' in a shack in a one-horse town 
Trying to get to heaven before the sun 
goes down." 

-The Cult 

4th Floor Moore, Red Sox, Bruins, 
Celtics, Dan, Mike, Brian, Todd, rest of 
Hood past, present, Derek, Mitch, 
Jared, Lee. 

Special Thanks: 
Mom, Dad, I love you. 

80 Brotherhood 

Christopher Michael Walsh 

Dirty Thirty, Brotherhood, N.W.H., Otto, Oiy, Forney, 
Petey, Michalek, Regas, Mike Stumbles on Pocks, Gorilla 
i Baby. . . Friends Forever. 

Thanks Mom and Gene for all your support, I love you. 
Dad you are forever in my heart. 

The Offensive Line 

We work the hardest, 

but are known the least, 

but who cares because we are the reason. 

Dedicated to offensive line Coach Frank Giannamore. 

i Brotherhood forever, Slider, The Turk! 
S.O.M./S.O.Y. Oly, Walshy, Hainedoggy, Joel, Eric, 
Righteous, Ravishing, The Wrecking Crew, 
Highwood, McClure? - Memories that will never die! 

I Kimi, Thanks for making LFC the time of my life. I 
love you. 

Mom, Dad and family, Thanks for being there when I 
needed a shoulder to cry on. I owe you everything I 
shall ever achieve. 

Kenneth Jay Ottaviano or "Otto" 

Brotherhood 8 1 

Guy R. Collins 

To my Mother 
and Father — 
Thank you for 
all you have 
done. Without 
you two, none of 
this would be 

Nothing matters 
but the 

weekend; from a 
Tuesday point 
of view. 

-The Kings 









The party started 
on the third floor 
of Deerpath, 
stopped at McClure 
for one year and 
then headed to 
Moore. A lot of 
twists and turns 
through the years, 
but made out in 
four. Not that we 
will be Alums who 
care if the campus 
goes dry. 


John P. rioonan 

82 Brotherhood 

Dan Cole 


Thanks Mom and Dad for the inspiration, 
guidance, and love you gave me along the way! I 
love you, too! Gonna miss you J.J.! To Da Hood! 
It just doesn't get any wronger than this! To the 
Wind 8c Sea. So long 4th flooren Moore! Thanks 
Allison, Laura & Shelly for the coin! 


Thanks Mom, Dad, Bridget, Audra & Aunt 
Chrys for all the love &: support along the way. I 
love You! 

To the Hood members past and present: 
brothers 'til da end. Dan, Jason, Jim, Dave, Brian 
& all the rest. Dau football, Ozarks, 4th floor 
Moore, Wind & Sea. 

Mike May 

Brotherhood 83 

Joel C. Forney 

Mom and Dad — 

Thanks for all of your support. I couldn't have done it 
|: without you! I love you both very much. 

^'-ir To my family and the Collopy's — 

Thanks for always being there — I love you all! 

Carrie-Ann — 

I Love You — 

Will You Marry Me? 

My Roommates 

To my family, 
Thank you for all your love 
and support. Without you 
none of this would have 
been possible. 


Times gone by fast. 7-10-93, 

can't wait. AMLA. 

Hockey, Falcon, Walshy, 
Otto, Vigon, Gunker, Joel, 
Heartbreaker, and the rest, 
McClure, Vacco, Franny, 
Brotherhood Always. 

Eric Scott Olson 

84 Brotherhood 

.j-,>t;- ?iT.rr.r::-V.." ■ 

Otis Amir Muttaqee 

Safo, K.G., K.L., J. Bryn, D. Bryn, A. Muttaqee, Moms, O. Muttaqee, 
Sr., O. Holman II, V. Holman, The Gunk, Vigon, Franie, Cahouna, C. 
Miller, L. Vandermark, Espana, Jesus, Encarnacion, Carlos and Carlos, 
Rafa, "Que Haces Tonto," "Una Cana Por Favor," "Eso ni me va ni me 
viene," "Me voy," Por Bilbao, Por Moncloa, Atica, Madrid, Sevilla, La 
Corrida de torros, Santiago, Moe & Jen, B. Moskoff, The Boys in the 
Hood, B. Hough, G. Robbins, T.D., S. Bures, and Lake Forest College. 
Thank you all for a wonderful four year experience. 

Nada es mas importante que divertirse en la vida. 

Uncle Jack 
Viva Las Vegas 
Initiation Night 
B.C. B.C. G.D.J.A. 
— Someday 
Matt and CoCo — 
Love you guys 

Mom and Dad — 
All that is good in 
me has come from 
you. I love you two 
with all of my 
heart. Thank you 
for everything. 

Long Live Brotherhood! 

Terry Regas 

Brotherhood 85 

Die Arsakutaratna 

Liz Barber 

JttCle Dc Muyt 

Am. Doss 

Beth Ehardt 

Yvette Hoire 

Teri Huntington 

Carote Kwasins^ 
Monit^ue Macartney 
Kim O'MoOey 
Trida Ptomey 
Nifefti ScfiutU 
Nifefei Strcfttn^ 
Sue Wagenaar 

For there is no friend like a sister 

In calm or stormy weather; 

To cheer one on the tedious way, 

To fetch one if one goes astray, 

To lift one if one totters down. 

To strengthen whilst one stands. 

-Christina Rossetti 

86 r-JO 

Monique Macartney 

A true friend is the greatest of all blessings. 
Due De La Rochefoucauld 

"Life may have its ups and downs with dreams on 
either side so take each day and live it well and just 
enjoy the ride." 

To our sisters and friends thanks for always being there. LFC 
wouldn't have been the same without you. 

Don't be afraid to go out on a limb. That's 
where the fruit is. — Good Luck Gamma 

To our families thank you for your constant love and support. We love you. 

Patricia Daniel Ptomey 

r*i2 87 

Nicole Lee Schultz 

"Let me show you the world in 
my eyes. . .," Gamma Phi Sisters, 
Spring Break in Florida, "That's 
why I like pretzels!," T-Bone and 
Weasel, LOSER!, Teddy Bear is 
on the floor, Chi, BEAR- Don't 
let go- I'll be around, ". . .come 
with me and escape," 
Galvenston!, Woobie!, "Doesn't 
the world look better upside 

So change may pull us apart, 
I'll put us together at heart. 
Don't you forget about me. 

Thanks Mom, Dad, and Alissa 
love you. 

Mom, Dad, Shelley 
8c Chuck — I love 
you guys! 
Nikki, Heather, 
MB and Kristi — 
Thanks for putting 
up with me. 
Nikki, Monique, 
Tricia Sc my other 
r$ sisters you are 
the awesomest. 

Elizabeth Janet Barber 

88 r-i-o 


Ani Doss 

To my family — I love you manies! 
Thanks God for everything. 

"Keep me safe and never lonely let the 

rain fall where it may and let me find 

the peace within me I can find it when I 

i play." -Blues Traveler 

To my friends — "Thanks for playin'" 

"Not fade away" 

Welcome to 
the new world 
Let me join 
your hand 
We're walking 
toward the 

with a brand 
new plan. 


To all of you who created my past constructed my self — I love you! 
Thanks to my family for the opportunity to accomplish and experience 
what I have. I love and miss you. Come home soon. 

. .and so it's the laughter we will remember. 

Kimberly Jean O'Malley 

r$n 89 

Nikki Strefling 



Liz: We've come a long way babe! 

Thanks Mom & Dad! 

You've given me everything & more 

You were there when I didn't pass the test 

What more could I ask for? 

You're the best! 

I love you! 

I've been beaten, choked, kicked, swindled, taken 
advantage of, lied to, and laughed at . . . The only reason 
why I hang around is to see what happens next! 

I'm Outta' Here! 

Yvette Haire 

90 r$o 

Julie riicoUe De Muyt 

' >^»>^ 

^VU<«uA ' r. ^tajMl 

A smile costs nothing, but creates much. . .It 

happens in a flash, but the memory of it can last 


To my family: Thank you for your love & support. 

Most of all for giving me the chance to fulfill my 

dreams. I love you. 

To my friends and sisters: We have something that 

no distance, no time can take away — we have each 




Mark-Looking back on all that we've shared and all that is 
yet to come, I realize that nothing life may offer me could 
make me happier than a future filled with loving you. To 
my sisters: "As we walk away and fade into tomorrow 
(here and now soon becoming there and then) Remember 
us, and our dreams and hopes. All of us-together. One 
time in our life; now, forever." To my family: The dream 
has become a reality! Thank you for showing me the way. 
I love you. 

Susan Eileen Wagenaar 

r$n 91 

Dilrukshi DeFonseka Arsakularatna 

Sarah & Joy — Thanks for being there for me when I needed you the most. 

To my best friends — my 
family — you've given me 
more than you'll ever know 
Thank you. 
I love you. 

r$ Sisters — 

I love ail of you awsome 

women. Thanks for a great 

four years. 

r$ forever! 

Evil Sidekick — Hey! Thanks for 
sticking by me, even though I am an 
evil witch. (NM)3 

"Woo Woo!" — The Stones 
Thanks Mom and Joe — I love 

K — Hey! Where do you guys keep the 
water? He wasn't that big on Friday. 

Sarah Ellen Hoag 

92 TM 

The one big lesson at college: how to manage your life. 

Carole Kwasinski 

Some you take with you. 

Great teachers. Patient, kind, care about students. Dr. Martin, Dr. 
Kash. There are always people you wish you could have known 
better. Gamma Phi. 

Some you just remember 

r$12 93 

Jennifer Wesselman 

Kate Bailey 

M'Lissa Roper 

Darci Arnold 

Sarah Lepinski 

Lori Meenan 

Cara Mier Capone 

Cindy Morton 
Tiifany Billingsley 

Garrett Fleitas 
Allison Campion 
Qretchen Royle 
nicki Alexander 
Allison FitzSimons 
Traci Lane 
Vanessa Lyon 
Mina Monroe 
Melissa Stevens 

rPA Seniors 

Cindy Norton 

94 rPA 

TiflFany Margueritte Billingsley 

"There is so much 

more to do, thats 

the fun of it." 

Drivin' Dan 


m sdfv 

Sara Brown Musselman 

rPA 95 

Allison M. FitzSimons 

The years go by quickly 
and the friends last 
forever. All the best to 
the girls of Gamma Rho 
Delta and the boys of 
Beta Triton and Phipes. 
Thanks Mom, Dad and 
the Fitz family for all 
you've done. 

S' « •■■■■>'■"». * '. - ■ 
•: .^,k-'fi«»--irj*.... 

"Don't worry about tomorrow until it becomes today. 
After all tomorrow is another day." 

"You're attitude makes your opportunities"-DKi 

I'll never forget these four 
years; A.F., G.R., A.C., K.B., 
S.L., M.C., T.L., C.R., K.G., 
and all of G.R.D. You're the 
best friends anyone could have 
JM; you've been a wonderful 
sister and friend. JL; You got 
me through. Thanks for alway 
being there and going 
everywhere. I love you. 

Mina B. Monroe 

96 rPA 

Melissa Stevens 


Happy Day' 


All sorts of people 
want to live and if 

you let them, 

they will help you. " 

Romare Bearden 

Vanessa Lyon 

rPA 97 

Sarah E, Lepinski 

I always knew 
looking back on 
my crying would 
make me laugh; 
but 1 never knew 
looking back on 
my laughter would 
make me cry. 
Take Care 

Katherine P. Bailey 

98 rPA 

Qretchen F. Royle 

Four Great Years 
That Will Always Be Remembered! 

Allison C, Campion 

rPA 99 

Jennifer Marie Wesselman 

Well I've been afraid of 


cause I've built my life 

around you 

But time makes you get 


Even children get older 

And I'm getting older too. 

-Fleetwood Mac 

Garrett Heckscher Fleitas 

100 rPA 

M'Lissa Roper 

Lori Meenan 

rPA 101 

Rebecca Pierce Pettus 

Cheers to the future. . 

Friends, we'll see you there! 

Traci Maura Lane 


102 rPA 

Cara-Mier Capone 

Darci Arnold 

rPA 103 

(right) "And men say that women travel in packs. . ." 
(Eric Drometer, Rich Meyer, Dan Bracken, Greg Selby, Pete Brigham, Peter 


(bottom) ". . .Closer than two peas in a pod." 

(Janet Matthew, Nicole Harper, Sandy Bozich) 

"Let's discuss the meaning of life. "(Bob Blair-Smith, Peter Day) 

"Ahhh. . .west and wewaxation. "-Elmer Fudd 
(Ben Bramwell, Kay-Kay Webster) 

104 Seniors 


Phi Pi Epsilon Fraternity 

• E 

Thanks Mom and Dad for everything. 

Without you I could not have 

made it this far. 

I love you very much. 

Guys in "the house:" 

you are friends forever. 

"Proud to be a Phi Pi." 

Thanks for all the great memories. 

Marc Andre Joubert 

*IIE 105 

Daniel Carmen Vacco 

Dad, Mom, Dee, Bryan, Mike, and 


Thanks for your support. I love 

you all!! 

Words to live by: 

"I know I'll win if I give it all I 


I won't let it go, gotta make the 

grade. . . 

To be the best man that I can." 



i i.f^«iif n 

9a& ■ 9-sn 

Qs«4 &au 

MSl^sQi AAf 


it ff. Si A ih 32 ■^'i ^ 

-t -t k! ti't-r, 
% -a a t M as 

^ sk 9 1& 

ii\ A ^ rt 







'? *. ? 9 

6 0- -^ /; 


Thanks Mom, Dad, Lora, 
and all the guys from K- 

"The skin is just a color of 
the mind and the soul. . .and 
a brother ain't a brother if 
his soul is cold." 

-MC Serch 

Word to Strength 

R. Corey O'Connor 


106 f-IIE 

Mark Woudstra 

Mom and Dad — I love you both, 
i^ou're the best!! Thanks Dave and Jed for being 
-here. Aage, Bong, Nook, Waz, Woody, 
Bracken, Delaney, Mastro, and Kuebs — It was 
m incredible 4 years. To my other brothers, 
hanks for everything. Lori, thanks for being so 
:ool!! Damn proud to be a Phi Pi!! 

Thanks Mom and Dad for 
everything you've done. I 
couldn't have done it without 
you! To my pledge brothers — 
P.B., D.B., E.D., K.D., S.G., 
P.W., M.W., We made it. Yeah! 
To the rest of my brothers, 
thanks for making this the best 
4 years. 
Proud to be a Phi Pi!! 

Peter Whitlock 

$nE 107 

Michael S, Wasik 

Mom and Dad thanks for the chance, and saving 
the best for last. To the Phi Pi Clan, I'll never 
forget you - All ONE of you. Remember the 
fundamentals of Phi Pi Epsilon: 

Backcheck, forecheck 

& foreplay 


^ i*i 

John and Christine, thanks for 
everything. To the brothers of Phi Pi 
Epsilon, thanks for making the weeks go 
by faster and the weekends worth 
waiting for. Proud. 

Peter M, Brigham 

108 $nE 


Sean nanook Gill 

Mom, Dad(s) and everyone who helped me out, thanks. Amy, thank 
you for everything. I love you. Brothers, if you can laugh in 
heaven, you don't want to go there. You guys are the ONE I will 
always remember. May all traditions be upheld. PROUD TO BE A 

Mom and Dad, thank you for all the opportunities you've 
given me! I couldn't have done anything without you! 
Thanks to my pledge Brothers, I'll never forget you! Damn 
Proud to be a Phi Pi! May all traditions be upheld. 

^ « < « «4 •» jk 3 

« « <f « 4 n . 

• • « s» • , J 

• • • » ? .4 » 7 

Daniel L. Bracken 

$IIE 109 

Donald A. Mastro 

Thank you Mom and Dina for all the support you have given 
me. To all my brothers, thank — you guys are the best. Pledge 
brothers — Little Scrutiny lives. Vinny's Mustang. Damn Proud 
to Be a Phi Pi! 

Thanks! Mom, Dad, Andrea, 
and Rob. I couldn't have done 
it without your support and 

My brothers — You guys are 
the greatest! 

Ellie, you are my closest friend. 
May all of your wishes come 

"Fear, fear brings hesitation, 
but hesitation will cause your 
worst fears to come true." 

William Kuebbeler 




110 $IIE 

Kevin Hines Delaney 

Eric Aage Drometer 

#IIE 111 

Andrew J. HUl 

-Thank you my dear 
Grandmother for all your 
support, my Mother, Father, 
Vicki, Stephanie, Potter, 
Sammy, Adam, Pete, Drew, 
Cavaliers R.F.C., and 
various others. 

-"The formula of my 

happiness: a yes, a no, a 

straight line, a goal."- 


-"What doesn't kill me 
makes me stronger." 


"Nothing, indeed, but the possessior 

of some power can with any certaint) 

discover what at the bottom is the 

true character of any man. "-Burke 

"It is our attitude towards life which 
will determine life's attitude toward 
us." , 


"Catch me if you can." 

Thanks to my family and friends for 
all their love and support. { 

Michael J. Barsch 

112 Seniors 

Charles Andrew Fritz IV 

Live for yourself 

JX/ -JATii-riv^ 

Manipulate your 


to augment your position. 

The greater the 

the greater the 


Alexander Read 

Seniors 113 

Erica Frohm 

Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa — Your love and support 
means the world. 


Jill, B-ball Teams — Thanks for all the 

great memories. 

Coach — I could never thank you 

If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. 
If you can dream it, you can become it. 

-William Arthur Ward 

Jovial reflections: 
Random encounters 
New acquaintances 

Sayonara to our humble abode; the "Hacienda 

"Do ya know, do ya know, do ya know. . .?" 

With all my love and gratitude — thanks to my family, 
friends, Em, Gamma Phi, Everyone! 

Teri Huntington 

.and there was much rejoicing! 

114 Seniors 

'unky, I love you! 

Viom, Dad, Birls, Grandma & Grandpa. . 
^ere words of thanks do not express my 
love you! 

Jody Birling 

y M* 



Thanks for all the memories, KA, TM, TH, JG, PT, EF, JM, DB, Bri, 
Gunker, etc., Volleyball '91, Warpigs, Smurfpower, Grease, 
Borderline, SJMFH, Studs, Mississauga '91, Winnecone '91. 


rhanks for all the memories! 

fB, DB, KA — Loveshack, 


Fo the good old days — 

SD, HD, GR, and Hood! 

To my family: Thank you so much for your help and support. I love you! 

I*aul, you are the best thing that ever 
lappened to me! I love you! 

Tanya Matic 

Seniors 115 

Michael Rweyemamu 


a way 
to my 

Nikko — See you around buddy boy. It's been a fun 7 years. Love 


Eric & Kristi & Dave — You're the greatest friends. 

My Boys — Hail Caesar. I love you fellas. 

My family — You're my heart and soul. 

Walsh, Anna, Kellie, Roopa, Korey — You're special friends. 

Jen — Friendship is Absolute. 


nikolaus Soforenko 

Dad, Mom and Mike — Thank you for all the love and 
support through the past four years. I love you. 

Coach — You've always been an Angel over my shoulder. 

Roopa and Mike — There aren't enough words to tell you 
how much you mean to me. I love you both. 

116 Seniors 

ABSOLUTELY the bestl 


Mary Beth Sirois 


You stole my heart 

I'll love you always. 

MB: You're my 
spineless wonder. 
Love ya! 

NS: Nikki, Nikki, 
Nikki, Nikki 

To my friends, 
I can't even imagine what 
the last four years would 
have been like without all 
of you. Thanks for all the 
great memories of LFC. 
Love, Lou Lou!! 

Mom 8c Dad, 
The last one is out 
of the nest. Have 
fun — Thanks for 
everything! I love 

Mom & Dad — 
Thank you for all 
the opportunities 
you've given me. 
Especially this one. 
I love you. 

If we weren't all 
so crazy, we 
would go 
insane. -JB 

To my buddies: 
Thanks for the 
memories — 
they are all in 
my heart. Smile! 
Love, FERD 

Kristen Lear 

Seniors 117 

Jennifer Courts 

Gar — The wonder of it all is that you just don't realize how much 
I love you! Love always, Jen 


Mom, Dad, Banoon, TTT, & Kat — Thanks for the 
unending support and love. You're the best! 

To my Buds — True happiness consists not of the 
amount of friends, but of their worth & choice. 
Thanks for the memories! 

Mom, Dad, Leese 8c Tummy — 
Thank you for all the love and 
support! I've come a long way, but I 
couldn't have done it without you 
guys! I love you! 

My dearest friends, the past four 
years have been the best. I'll never 
forget them! Thanks! I love you guys! 
Love, Mia 

Mia Elizabeth Woodis 

118 Seniors 

Matthew Sauer 


I 1* ^ ^ ^ i> 

"Just because some of us 
can read and write and 
do a little math, that 
doesn't mean we deserve 
to conquer the 

-Kurt Vonnegut 

"Whatever you can do, 

or think you can, 

begin it. 

Boldness has 



and magic in it." 

"I am the spirit of 
Peace Pilgrim" 

"The twilight, in fact, 

had several stages, 

and several times 

after it had grown dusky, 

acquired a new 


and the trees on the 


were lit up again." 

-H.D. Thoreau 

"Nice guys finish last." 

-Leo Durocher 


Thomas Graff 

Seniors 119 

Joanna Mason 

To Mom, Dad 
and Jill — 
thank you. 

Make it so. 

There is a fifth dimension beyond that 
which is known to man. It is a dimension 
as vast as space and as timeless as infinity, 
it is the middle ground between light and 
shadow, between science and superstition, 
and it lies between the pit of man's fears 
and the summit of his knowledge. This is 
the dimension of imagination. . . 

To Mom and the rest of my family: thanks for 
your undying love and support. Without you, I 
would be nothing. 

Away! away for I will fly to thee, 

Not charioted by Bacchus and his pards, 

But on the viewless wings of poesy. -John Keats 

Elizabeth Anne Seifert 

The creative mind is a powerful tool. 

1 20 Seniors 

Katherine Leah Bruggeman 

[ want to change 
;he way the world 
iffects me, 

want to dance in 
:he face of all that 

ould be. 

-J. Clayton-Felt 

Sera nimis vita 
crastine; vive hodre. 
Too late is 
tomorrow's life; live 
for today. 

- Martial 

[ntelligence is not all that important in the exercise of 
Dower, and is often, in point of fact, useless. 

- Henry Kissinger 

#^P^- ' •* -fS .-,. _^. 

Matthew E. Coldwell 

Seniors 121 

Tamanna K. Nanavaty 

. . .And Relatives 

Thanks To My Friends 

Thanks To: 


Dr. Martin 

Dr. Kash 

Dr. Towle 

All My Friends 


Mom and Dad — I Love You 




Thanks To: 

The Math and Chemistry Departments, 

Especially Dr. Martin and Ms. K. 

Mom, Dad, and Grandpa 

Tamanna N., Carole K., 

Rob P., Bill B., 

Katt AB. 

No GoodByes; Best of Luck and All My Love To Everyone. 

Sarah Margaret Gallagher 


122 Seniors 

Patricia Roche McDonough 

Annette Morley Arnold 

Seniors 123 

Darren David Weisberg 

Colin Gardner 

1 24 Seniors 

Louisa Kerr Bray 

Thanks to my family and friends 
for tlieir love and support. 

Annelia Everett White 

Seniors 125 

Michael Stemmler 

"Mom: It's been a Hoot! I'll be Highing home "Now is it over?!" 
now. . ." 

"Dad/Guin: Most faithful mail award." 

"An English Major, huh? So. . .you gonna teach?" 


"LGW: HP and PB, forever. 

You are the greatest! So when do we get the Jag, the house, 
L the yacht, the pool, the hot-tub. . ." 

To all my friends and my wonderful 


Thank God for you! 

You are the wind beneath my wings. 

There is one spectacle grander than 

the sea, that is the sky; there is one 

spectacle grander than the sky, that is 

the interior of the soul. 

Future, n. That period of time in which 

our affairs prosper, our friends are true, 

and our happiness is assured. 

-Victor Hugo 

-Ambrose Bierce 

Bradley Landess Savage 

126 Seniors 

Sonja Stanimirovic 

Carolyn, Tanja, Rock, Sonja. . . 
Thanks for brightening my Ufe, 
& For those enjoyable weekends! 

Remember our study sessions? 
Guys thanks for an awesome year! 

Mom & Dad 

You are the Greatest. 

Thanks for Everything ! 


Mom and Dad, 
there are no 
words to express 
what you have 
done for and 
mean to me. 
Fred, Bruce, 
Beth, Marianne, 
Mary, Krystyna 
and Alex — 
I love you all! 

To all of my friends! 
Life will only get better! 

Sonja, Goran, Mr. Blaine- 

You've each helped me in your own special way. 

Thanks to each of you. 

Carolyn M. Lueck 

Seniors 127 

Eileen Elizabeth Mallon 

"The peace of the world will 
in the end depend upon our 
capacity for friendship 
and willingness to use it." -B.C. 

To our friends- 
Thanks for the good times, it has been fun. 

"Think of what a better world it would be if 

we all 

— the whole world — had cookies every 


and then lay down with our blankets for a 

nap." -R.F. 

Erin Christin Mallon 

128 Seniors 

Elizabeth M. Stanley 

^1 1^ 

— .^^^ 

'or they can conquer who believe they can. 


May the LORD watch between me and thee while 
we are absent one from another. 

\lthough we are apart, our 

riendship will 

tick like crazy glue. 

Thanks be to God, 

ny family and my friends. 

Yes! all is past-swift time has fled away. 
Fate, envious fate, has sealed my destiny. 

-Percy Bysshe Shelley 

Tis Distance leads 
enchantment to the view. 

^ Special Thanks to my family and 



Amy Shelley 

Seniors 129 

Elizabeth Overturf 

Mom and John- 
I'm so grateful for 
you two. 

Dad — I miss you. 
I was lucky for the 
time we had. 


I can't wait for our 

future to start! I love you! 


You've always been a 

great friend. 

Congratulations on 

"Baby Brian"! 

If you ever need 

anything. . . 

Liz, let's remember our school days together 
twenty years from now and smile. 

When they turn the pages of 


As these days have past long ago. 

Will they look at us with sadness 

For the seeds that we let grow. 

-n. Peart 

See you on the other side, my friends. 

Keith Listen 

130 Seniors 

Krisahn S. Qren 

There's no love like your love. . . 
Everything 1 do, I do it for you. 

Thanks to my family, I love you all. 

Ariana R. Fisch 

Seniors 131 

Peggy H. Meinel 

Mom and Dad, 
Thanks for all your love 
and support. 1 couldn't 
have done it without you. 
1 love you! 

"Without you in my 

life I'd slowly wilt and die" 

-Motley Crue 

I'll love you forever, Scott! 

Zips, Tiff, Grandma, Rapport, 
Carla, Ma, Clueless, CAW, 
Sharon!, SP, Ya Know, 
Weekends, Cheeseheads 

Andrew-my best friend 
I love you! 



Mom, Dad, Tim, Todd 
Thanks for your love and 
constant encouragement, but 
most of all for not giving 
up on me. I love you all! 

Lisa A. StaufFacher 


132 Seniors 

Dwight Cecil Buchholz 

Philip Fogelson 

Seniors 133 

Joy Bass 

"No love, no friendship 

can ever cross the path of our destiny 

without leaving some mark upon it 


Thanks mom & dad for all your love and support these 4 
years — I will always love you. Family, friends — I cannot 
imagine my life without your presence. 

Darini and Irene: What shall I do without my partners in 


Sonya I.: How about some Ben and Jerry's? 

Agapiti mou Mama, Baba, Eleni ke Dino: EPI 


Hilia efharisto gia oli tin agapi ke voithia sas. 

"Patience and Perseverance overcome many obstacles." ' 

ancient Greek adage 

Smaragda Karakoudas 

134 Seniors 

Theresa Michelle Shepple 

Mom & Dad- 

"It might have appeared 

to go unnoticed, but I've got it 

all here in my heart. . .1 would 

be nothing without you." 

Against All Odds" 

Love you! 

Zippaheads — "The best of friends worth more than gold, give all 
the love a heart can hold." 

"Strength and dignity are her 

clothing and she laughs at the time to come." -Proverbs 

Special thanks to: 

Terri, Stacey, Ben (keeping me sane) 

Jennifer, Pack, Keith (keeping me thinking), 

Dad, Vik (letting me do) 

Mom, Denny (always being there) 

I couldn't have done it without you! 

Tiffany Dawn Sutiierland 

Seniors 135 

Scott Bachmann 


/W fsp •'^.-^pMr ^r ,3 

"It's never really too late to 

"Tomorrow is nothing but a day 
ahead and yesterday a day that is 
already past. But today well lived, 
makes every tomorrow a strong 
foothold and every yesterday, a 
dream of happiness." 

"Don't forget your roots." 

1:1 n 1WTOW L f l WIltfU il lWffl li W Wiil l i I 

-If a man has one friend then he's a millionare. 
-I guess I must be the richest man in the world, 
thanks: John & lynda W, dave w, otis, Uechen, 

cj, tico, boltz, pinto, giff, bach, steph, 

HWY family, NURM 

-It wasn't pretty but I got it done. 

Kwaku Shaw Kyemfe Safo 

1 36 Seniors 

Peter Day 

Robert Blair-Smith 

Seniors 137 

C.E. Bennett (1970- ) 


At some later time I've always wanted to change every quote that 
I've ever written. In fact, I'm not overly fond of how I've worded 
this. . . 

Once you were teathered 
Now you are free 
That was the river 
This is the sea 


Your silence I will always admire for its being. 


"Shut up, you bore me." -Dieter 

^ w 

Robin L. Kick 

Qui vit sans folie n'est pas si sage qu'il croit. 

-La RochefoucaulcH 

138 Seniors 

rhank You. . . 

tlom for your love 

Dad for your "Study Hard' 

ieidi for your phone calls 

tlarissa for your friendship 

Erika n.H, Jensen 
A.K.A. Riki 

'I have only one life, and it is short enough. Why waste it on things I don't want most?' 

-Louis Brandeis 

"A friend may well be reckoned the masterpiece of nature." 

-R.W. Emerson 

Marissa S. Cashy 

Seniors 139 

John Robert Ireland 

Mom and Family, Dr. Donnally, Dr. Kash 
(Non-Stop), Dr. Faber, Nell (Will you play 
nosey with me?), Pete & Carole (WMXM), 
Tamanna, Pete K., so many others (you know 
who you are), and LFC. Your friendships and 
teaching have enriched my life. Thank you! 


Mom, Dad, Carrie & Amy — I 
finally made it! Thank you for all of 
your love and support. I could never 
have made it without all of you! I 
love you all very much! John — to all 
of our wonderful memories. Will you 
play nosey with me? 


Nell Annen Bruen 

140 Seniors 

Robert Piepho 

When my knowledge was small I swelled with pride 

(Like an Elephant Blinded with Passion). But when I 

learned more I became aware of my foolishness, and my 

excitement subsised.-The vairagya Sakata C625 

Wisdom's nothing but a pretending 
^o know and believe more than we 
really do. You read of but one wise 
man, and all he knew was that he 
i<.new nothing. 

-William Congreve 

Mom, Dad — 

rhank you for your faith in me. 



^ ' A 


At LFC we have discovered and learned many things; such as the 
knowledge of what true friends are all about. 

' -^Ss-ife" 

.i; ^^^^KT ' 

David Duncan 

Seniors 141 

Eliza Bumham Gale 

Jill Kathryn Alexander 

142 Seniors 

There is a certain freedom in being completely screwed- 
you know it can't get any worse. 

Kay-Kay Webster 

i .■■■■ '< 

ilways look on the bright side of life. 

i^ou all know who you are. Thank you for 
)eing a friend. Travelled down a road and 
)ack again. Your heart is true. You're a pal 
nd a confidant. -Thanks!! 

Landon riewcomet 

Seniors 143 

Roxanne Elizabeth Johnson 

A good friend is a friend forever! 

Jennifer Hellanne Lee 

Live that your memories will be a part of 
your happiness. 

144 Seniors 

Handle Marceline Culpepper 

ifou would wants to get out of my shorts! 

Tftan£s Moms for your 


You aiways said wt coiM do it and 

we did '. 

Thanh Dads for proving tfiat hard 
work, can pay offl 

We (bve you aiii 

Merci Irmai Tu m'as dotmt Pons! 

;ee NO 41 1! Hear NO 411! Speak NO 411! 

Lori, Miss our wild 
times together! 

Virgo Sisters^ 
We aanc, 
We saw. 
We conquered! 

1 1 

It takes all kinds!!! 

He sauf come to tfte eifge 
They sauf its too (ugh 
He sauf come, to t/ie e<£ge 
Tfiey came amf he. ^hed tfiem 
And ihey flew 

antitkd' Tree., Rocfc CfowC Daisy, Cfxnon in D. Redl 

Lisa Eluemuno Azu 

Seniors 145 

Sudheshna Reddy 

Change is the constant — 93XRT 

When we are not sure, we are alive. -G.Green 


Who has seen the wind? 
neither you nor I 
But when the trees 
bow down their heads 
The wind is passing by. 
-C. Rossetti 

Thanks mom and dad for your 
support and encouragement, 
my friends who made my LFC 
experiences the best. 





PERFECTLY5t Francis De 


Thanks Mom, Dad, and my friends for all the memories! 

liathalie Wchard 

146 Seniors 

Varsha Alimchandani 

Mom, Dad, and Avi — 
Words alone could 
never express my 
deepest appreciation for 
your support. I love 

To all my friends, you 
all know who you are, 
thanks for making my 
years at LFC so special. 
Chris — You'll always 
be my inspiration. 

"If we never 
meet again in our 
lives I should feel 
that somehow the 
whole adventure 
of existence was 
justified by my 
having met you." 

Mom and Dad, 
your love and 
support have 
been my guiding 

Dawn and Jody, 
thanks for all of 
the great 

Kristin Leigh Anderson 

Seniors 147 

Lex Haris 

"Poor is the plan that never can be changed." -Montaigue 
"Yea, Buddhist munks and shit." -Greg "Skirt" Martin I 

Thank you to my family and friends — you are my greatest inspiration. 

Sometimes in life 

things seem to be moving 

and they are not 

and they are not 


You are there. 

Ashton Ballou 


1 48 Seniors 

John R. Stieper 


M'ATTEnDS. "-Victor Hugo 





OFF. . . 

Valerie Cosmao 

Seniors 149 

Dean Qoumis 























The sun was setting over Avalon 

The last time we stood in the west 

Suffering long time angels enraptured by Blake 

Burn out the dross innocence captured again 

Standing on the beach at sunset 
All the boats keep moving slow 
In the glory of the flashing light in the evening's glow 

Michael Fentress Ott 

When will I ever learn to live in God — Van Morrison 

150 Seniors 


George J. Husson Jr. 









Eric Kalata 

Seniors 151 

Courtney Cummings 

To Mom, Dad, and Busy: 

Thank you for all your love and support. 

You are never given a wish 

without also being given 


power to make it true. You 

may have to work for it, 


— Richard Bach 

There is no secret so dose as that between a rider 

and his horse. — Surtees 

Men are like Dove Bars, one's great, 
two make you puke. 

— Murphy Brown 

But one day, one cold winter's day, he 

sCTeamed out "Take the soup away!" 

— Heinrich Hoffman 

To get the best results you must talk to your vegetables. — Prince 


The three essentials of happiness are something to do, someone to love 
and something to hope for. 

— Vivian Schneider 

Kirsten Keseley 

152 Seniors 

Nil cnaimb in do theanga ach 
brisfidh si cnaimh. 

-kish proverb 

Thanks for everything 
Mom and Dad. 

Peter W. Murray 

Blame it on the Jell-o. -Swanee 

Mom & Dad: You've given me support and love even when 
Rule No. 1 : Don't sweat the small stuff. I didn't think I needed it. I'm so proud to be the daughter 

of two such wonderful people. Thank you — your Little 

Christina Marie Durr 

R.ule No. 2: It's all small stuff. 

Seniors 153 

Larisa Susanne Stress 

Rejoice! Rejoice! We iiave no ciioice- 
We've got to carry on! -CNSY 

To Mom, Dad and all of you "guys" — remember to take the 
time to "stop and smell the roses" along the way - for it is very 
important, too. Thank you for reminding me. 

To My Mom — My Bridge, and to all my 
family and friends — Thank you for giving 
me the foundation to build my own. 

Stace — 3! 


"It is only with the heart that one can 
see rightly. 

What is essential is invisible to the eye." 

-The fox's secret! 

Margaret McKelvey Smith 

154 Seniors 

Christine Joy Ekey 

Dad, Mom, 
Jay, Jewel, Bill, 
I love you all 
very much. 
You are the 
best support 
group in the 

La-La, Mags, Lis 
— our friendship 
surpasses space 
and time. 

It's a long, 
long time to 
be gone and a 
short time to 
be there. 
-Grateful Dead 

Lisa Christine Wilkins 

Seniors 155 

Kathleen M. Hafenscher 

To my family: I love you! Thank you! 
1 Corinthians 13 

What lies behind us and what lies before us 
are tiny matters compared to 
What lies within us. 

-Ralph Waldo Emerson 

David: 241LD! 

MooseOY, MarceJEAN, KimmyRR, KimberLI.KelSHREL, JimmyJO, 
DawnlSH, DanlEL, SharBEAR, AnnaNANA, JanetoJK, GarTED, 
TonyGOOD, ErikGOOD, Fitz, Pec, George, AnnieB. . .1 love you alll 

Dad, Mom, Butch, Shelly- 
Thank you for everything. I love you! 


Kimberley, Kathy, Kristin — 

Thank you for caring, understanding, and sharing. 

May you always have love and happiness. I love you. 

;i^> wMiM to 

Memory is the power to gather roses in winter. 


Dawn Marie Bendery 

Jody, Tanya, Erica, Jen, Moe — 
It's been an adventure! Thanks! 

156 Seniors 

Kellie Jo Scheurell 

To Sandy who has been with me through it all. 

Cancun '90 

Volleyball initiations, handball, Golf party, roommate, 
no scam room, my better half, Brotherhood, Florida 


Here's to four years of swimming, parties, boys, and late nights 
— may the friendships and memories last forever. 
Jen, Gate, the L.B.G.'s (my twin). Flip, and the rest — you know 
who you are — Thanks for being true friends! 

Mom 8c Dad — Thanks for making this possible, I love you! 

Friends Always — Kellie, Gate, LBC's, Katherine Smo, Budd, Anna, 

Patty & K.O.B., Kev & Otto. 

Mom, Dad, Michael — Thanks for all your support, love and money. 

"The Girls" 


Jennifer "Goose" Qiese 

Seniors 157 

Laura Foxman 

"To Qmgfi often and (ovt 
much. . .to appreciate 
bexatty; to find. the. best in 
others; to give, of one's 
self . . to know that even 
one dft has breathed 
easier. . .this is to have 


To my family and dost 
friends — 

all the love and sharing 
^ meant tfte world to me. 

riicole J. Harper 

Thanks Mom, Dad, Paul — 

I love you! 

Alex — I will treasure our 

friendship always. 

Laura, Kristi, Beth, Kellie, 


-Forever friends 

Janet, Sandy -LBC's forever! 

Swimmin' women, mermaid 

dance, quaw, How Random! 

"Promise you won't forget 
about me, ever. Not even 
when I'm a hundred." 

-Christopher Robin 

158 Seniors 



* . 


Jte-^ - * • 





Alexandra B. Early 


Thanks to my family for contributing to who I am, and for making this 

experience possible. 

Thanks to my friends at LFC — I love you all! 

I'll always remember Paris 1990, soccer, swimming, the beach, the 

LBC's. Stinky — I hope our friendship doesn't end in just four years. 

Thanks Mom and Dad, for everything.... 
Thanks volleyball, basketball, hockey and 
Softball for the great times. 

"A friend is one who comes in when the 
whole world has gone out. "-Unknown 
Di, Kathy, Goose and Anna. Thanks for 
being there when I needed you. Ay la! May 

Sharon Lynn Rogers 

Seniors 159 

Sandy S. Bozich 

Patrick — I love you! 

Mom, Dad and 

Family — 

To you I am grateful 

and Love you all. 

Kellie — Our 

friendship will never 


Forgotten or 


Alex, Nicole — Still 

haven't tested that 

door alarm! 

"We're running with 

the shadows of the 


Thanks to Mom, Dad 
and Family. 
The Baby finally made 

Deerpath; Kathy-yeee! 
Smo, "M", 
Kat, Gate, Kellie. 
Nicole, Alex — Love 
ya, LBC's! 
I'm lucky to have 
friends like you! 
J P.S. You'll be alright! 

Janet — A Bond Unbreakable! 

Sandy — Here's to us! 

Roomies Forever! 

Anna — Shut the Door! 


Janet E. Matthew 

160 Seniors 

Anne Etienne 

Yo Man! Hockey 7 A.M. * PTIT Louis Cali Tour * 
Fireplace * Sailing Green Forest — Lake Bay * 
Kettle Moraine — Subaru-U * FEU AU CUL W. LES 
GOUPILS * S. Carolina — Hombrecito! * Hasta 
Luego Madrid - Ruuubias! Tapas con minis. * Life on 
the Farm — Hey Macho Ever Going To Come Home? 
Thanks Mom Et Merci Papa — DONIBOUM! XX 

I love you, my friends, 

I never could have made it through 4, no, 3 1/2 

years without you. 

To my family: Jeg Elsker Du!! 

'We are tRe music makers and we are tfie 
rmmtrs of dreams." 

-Wdiit Wonka 

Quaw; Have fun storming the castle; 
Hummer, Pamplemousse, Carrot, Lada, Slada! 

Kristina Slader 

Seniors 161 

Benjamin J. Bramwell 

^ jSotKmq splcnded has ever been 
2^ achici'ctt except bn tKosc who dared 
= bcdci'c that sotiictfitnq inside them 
% irns supciiot to rircutnstancc 





^ i^kiiosop/jy 

PiObicn; ;- 

CO c'>cr\!!mv-' ill 

\lonv Dad Kerr\. Ellon, (& Eric \\.)- \o\.\ more than anyone else are' responsible 
u>r how 1 turned out, 1 hi.>pe vou re pn>iKi of yourselves!! I l o\e you all 

j^ ^\. "1 was tlying (well, of 

^^^^o^ of course I was flvinc...) 

r mu..<t i't- a irai i<.mpU of la'iers'.'.' 


{you Know wtfo you are! 11} 

,'P- nnfirun; 


say Our thanK 
■3 hssn rr.y ii'^S fOT four 

P % 
u 1^ 

Do not confuse education with wisdom: education 
r: relies on books, wisdom on judgemeni. 

1^ It is difficult to say what is impossible, 
z for the dream of yesterday is the hope 
zz of today and the reality of tomorrow... 



To everyone a hearty thanks: 









Onty one 
tvfvo cCoes 
mcikes no 
mistukes . 





^'^'" IxQ all ^re-.. ^^A^. L^^P^! "Pf.^^ J^^^Hf *^^"! *??t*!! 




TrjaT I mXX ^laa. iTevtop pDAfO 

Craig Lepkowski 

162 Seniors 

Jason M. Reeves 

Mom and Dad, you 
lave been the greatest 
md most supportive of 
ny actions. I Love 

\ndre — Mr. Vanity. 
Pat — Wanna bum 

Vlike — Bus Ride! 
Vhchelle — Keep an eye 
)ut for jumping ice cubes. 
Erin/Alyssa — Hockey & 

"The simplest things in life are usually the most complicated." -Me 





Chi Chi, 


Mark,. . 


. . .And all my close friends at L.F.C.: Jase, 
Mike, Pat, Rob, Steph, Alyssa, Marge, 
Baker, Kris, and Michael Croydon, 
For your love, support, and everlasting 

P.S. Jase &: Mike: FU meet you guys on the 

Andre M. Kremzer 

Seniors 163 

Yasuyo M. Nomura 



"Like any 


Philip knew, 

Eliot's own 


demanded that 

he give 

pleasure to 

others; but was 



or greed for 

control?" - 

David Leavitt 

Thanks to all of you who gave me confidence. 

But soon in me shall Loneliness renew 
Thoughts his, but not less cherished than of old, 
Ere mingling with the herd had penned me 
in their fold. 

Be yourself no matter what they say. 

Kathleen Elizabeth Kenney 

Best of luck, guys! 

164 Seniors 

Domori usojanaitte! 

Aom and Dad, Thanks for Japan 

Stephanie Davis Hall 

"No man deserves to be praised 
for his goodness unless he has 
the strength of character to be 
wicked. All other goodness is 
generally nothing but indolence 
or impotence of will." 

-La Rochefoucauld 





"We now know that man is not the measure of that 
which is human, but men and women are. Men are not 
the center of the world, but men and women are. This 
insight will transform consciousness. . ." 

-Gerda Lerner 

"I have survived the winter," the tree sighed, "and 
I have grown!" 

Casandra Sue DeBoer 

Seniors 1 65 

Sheila Strobel 

The Only Certainty is in Dreams. 



Brian Gentry 

166 Seniors 

Ashish Desai 

Philip John Lindsey 

Seniors 167 



ENTER lam: forest COLLEGE. . . 

168 Seniors 

. . .1992 



Seniors 169 

Anthony Fagan 

I want to thank my family for their encouragement and 


Mom: Thanks for the donuts and . . . 

To all my friends I met along the way: The times we spent 

together will always have a special place in my heart. I will 

miss all of you. 

Mark: I cannot tell you how much your advice and 
friendship have helped me. 

Bill: I will always remember that e (to the) pi i + 1 = 
implies that God exists. Thanks for everything. 

Thanks to all of my friends and 
family for their support during 
good times and bad. Thanks to DK 
for a future. 

To our gang: JS, JH, DDW, EC, 
RP — See you at the Latrene! 

Matthew Hunt 

170 Seniors 


Melanie West 

lYour ortGnary ftfe is sirtipic, fu(C of 
promise, buiiex-^kc, pushing aside the 
waves of tar, moving with increSbie 
speed toward the ftfe that waits, 
motioniess, unsuspecting, at the heart 
of the forest* 
j -Louis Jenkins 

The Truth must daxxie graduaify or 
every man be bOnd 

-Emily Dickinson 


Rise ^ke ^ns after stumber 
In unvarupdshabie number — 
Shake your chains to earth Uke dew 
Which in sleep had fatten on you — 
Te are many — they are few* 

"The Masque, of Anarchy" 
Percy Bysshe Shettey 

A strong woman is a woman standing 
on tiptoe and Qfting a barbed white 
trying to sing Boris Grodunov, 

Navi^otin^ by chart and chance and 
passion I witt know the shape of the 
mountains of freedom, I w\tt know* - 

Marge Piercy 

Kristin Ann Shamas 

Seniors 171 

Matthew B. Parker 

Lance A. Lehmann 

Mom, Dad, Jenn: 
You've been the 
best family I 
could ever ask 
for. Thank you 
for all your love 
and support. I 
couldn't have 
done it without 

Cache &: Lancer 
— Thanks for the 
memories and the 
good times. 
Home Team! 

Kristin — Thank you for the gift of your 
love. You're the best thing that's ever 
happened to me. I love you. 

Mom, Dad, and Laura — Thanks for all your support and 
guidance through the years. The opportunities and 
experiences you have given me are more than anyone could 
ask for. Thanks, and I love you. 

Cache & Parks — From roommates to best friends, I'll never 
forget the great times we've had. Home Team! 

172 Seniors 

Mom & Dad — Thanks for 
making it all possible. I love 

Lancer & 

Parks — 








Steven M. Cachur 

■H c^ Pi 

"' ' ' '* ! 




"I know no safe depository of the ultimate 

powers of the society but the people 

themselves; and if we think them not 

enlightened enough to exercise their control 

with a wholesome discretion, the remedy is 

not to take it from them, but to inform their 

discretion by education." 

-Thomas Jefferson 

"Give me the liberty to know, to utter, and to 

argue freely according to conscience, above 

all other liberties." 


"There is one thing stronger than all of the 

armies in the world, and that is an idea whose 

time has not come." 

-Victor Hugo 

"We shall not cease from exploration 
And the end of all our exploring 
Will be to arrive where we started 
And know it for the first time." 

-T.S. Eliot 

Thomas C. Hill 

Seniors 173 

"What can I say — sports are 
my life." 
(Dave Burt) 

Hey. . .it's Miller time, need I say more. "(Peter Murray)- 

Halloween 1991 

'Don't send roses. Don't send cards. Candied apples are the way to my heart." (Kirty 
Keseley, Chris Durr, Laura Kotelman)-Halloween 1991 

It's the guys next door. (Dean Gournis, Brendan & Keith Liston) 

'Hi ho Hi ho. It's off to work I go. "(Brad Savage) 

1 74 Seniors 


Dede Gay — On the other side of the camera! 

CLASS OF 1993 

Anne Bennett 

Rayanne Blacik 
Greg Boltz 
Maurice Butler 

Phil Christopher 
Carrie Callopy 
Paul Colte 

Allegra Costa 
Bonita Doss 
Lydia Field 




i ■^-. '-^ ^H 


^ / 




I ^ rA! 


176 Underclassmen 


Jessica Gardner 
Marc Garneau 
Dede Gay 

Anthony Glickman 
Dan Graff 
Karyn Hyde 

Sonya lannone 
Todd Killian 
Kristina Korman 

Laura Kotelman 

Ayumi Koyama 

The academic path 
eventually leads back 
to LFC each fall. 
Juniors Lydia Field, 
Mindy Tygar and Sam 
Silberman reunite for 
yet another year. 

Underclassmen 177 

Rebecca Kramer 
Brian Lescinskas 
R. Charles Matthes 

Lisa Montedore 

Vesheta Miller reacts 
quickly after peaking 
around the corner to 
find a camera directed 
at her. 

Suzanne Murphy 

Darini Nichols 
Tara Pagone 
Sandy Partyka 

Tony Popow 
Scott Pozil 
Janice Pytel 


1 ^ #2?i 

(,, ^, 

■^ ,J^ 

'i^ t! 

178 Underclassmen 


Lori Quam 
Heather Reilly 
David Roberts 

Underclassmen 179 

Sam Silberman 
David Spannraft 
Kristine Specht 

Marcie Stenmark 
Fumiko Tadano 
Sheila Thomas 

Mindy Tygar 
Daphne Wilmerding 
Kimberly Yeaton 

In pursuit of some rest 
and relaxation, Jason 
Reeves, Andre 
Kremzar and Mike 
Blankner take time out 
to enjoy the finer 
things in Hfe, such as 
the women's soccer 

'V'^T- •*# ' 

1 80 Underclassmen 

CLASS OF 1994 



Lena Afary 

Julia Bailey 
Erin Barry 
Sarah Beckstrom 

Top Left: Keeping up 
with current affairs is 
essential to student, 
Dan Faber, who likes 
to stay well-informed 
about what is going on 
in the world around 
him. Left: Sophomores 
Jenny Rice and Erika 
DiCello prove that the 
best times spent are 
those with friends. 

Chris Bellios 
Christopher Bland 
Bill Brown 

Underclassmen 181 

Male bonding at its 
best: Matt Nielsen, 
Chad McMahon, and 
Brian Payne are 
photogenic Foresters 

Mary Czarnecki 
Dashun Davis 
Christian Dickinson 

182 Underclassmen 

i i 

Todd Dougherty 
Brant Dykehouse 
Scott Elias 

Daniel Faber 
Jennifer Fahlen 
Jessica Filoon 

Jennifer Fetter 
Michelle Forgeron 
Alison Freund 

Lisa Thompson and 
Suzanne Murphy: 
Great Friends, Great 

Underclassmen 183 

Getting by with a little 
help from your friends: 
For Dan Faber, 
Christian Dickinson, 
Tom Howard and 
Scott Smithgall, this is 
the key to success. 

Kristin Graham 
Ted Holsteen 

Katherine Holt 
Tom Howard 
Ross Jacobson 

Debbie Joseph 
Heather Juengst 
Lori Kurzawski 

Laura Langelan 
Chuck Lasco 
Julie Leung 




■^si* ^iftfc 


184 Underclassmen 


Tony Lunger 

Eric Lynner 

Alice Mansfield 
Kelly Martin 
Michelle Meridith 

Christine Meyer 
Vesheta Miller 
Jason Moore 

John Noel 
Brian Payne 
Mike Payne 

Underclassmen 185 

Although she faces 
another year of ARA 
food, sophomore 
Kristin Murray can still 
find something to smile 

Geoff Perham 
Hope Potter 

Jeff Rupich 
Paul Salemme 
Jennifer Scane 

Shenae Simmons 
Jody Strauss 
Doug Sutherland 

Judith Taflinger 
Lisa Thompson 
Patti Timmerman 



i"^ '\ 




186 Underclassmen 

Julie Leung, Christine Meyer and 
Jody Strauss escape campus for a 
night on the town! 




Sheneen Travis 

John Tweedie 

Rob Ventura 
Wendy Viets 
MeUssa Wagenaar 

Monica Walsh 
Karla Weathers 
Christy Westbrooks 

Underclassmen 187 

CLASS OF 1995 

Hey Brady Rubenstein! 
You should have had a 
V-8 today! 

Chris Alexander 
Bill Applegate 
Kim Awon 

Jan Baumgartner 

Chris Ward is cute 
regardless of the fact 
that he hasn't mastered 
his table manners! 

Heather Bock 

Heather Brummel 
Nicole Centracchio 
Liz Cochran 

i J 

188 Underclassmen 

"Should I bite in to 
this sub while I have 
the chance, or should I 
pose for this damn 
picture? First things 
are First. I'll eat." 
(Shari Jones and Adam 

Joyce Collins 
Nicole Couillard 

Connie Dejong 
Ellen Downes 
Juliann Emanuelson 

Amanda Kutkas, 
Heather Jones, Ann 
Streeper and Anthony 
Ray "hang out" and 
talk about freshmen 
life at LFC. 

Underclassmen 189 

Julie Erickson 
Autumn Everett 
Brandon Froysland 

Jennie Goetz 
Jeanette Hale 
Richard Halliday 

Tomone lizuka 
Kim Kasal 
Tiffany Kearney 

Karl Kirschner 
Tricia Lively 
Barry McDowell 

Molly McNamara 

Sign them up! 
Freshmen Daisy Ocasio 
and Julie Erickson 
participate in the 
activities fair. 

190 U nderclassmen 


/d "jM, 

Blaise Mibeck 
Mari Pagone 
Robert Petersen 

Anthony Ray 
Nicole Reeves 
David Rodriguez 

Dave Anderson, 
Heather Lindemann 
and Carrie 
Grunkemeyer are 
enthused by what may 
be their fifth library 
tour at LFC. 

- *^ 


.Mm \ V-25/JiM 


Brady Rubenstein 
Takahiro Saito 
Jane Samuels 

Underclassmen 191 

Scott Scanlon 

Lara Schiller 
Akiko Sekikawa 
Sharon Smith 

Rebecca Socha 
Sheila Somers 
Jessica Stack 

Frederick Stanley 
Dan Tarkowski 
Alison Thien 

Peter Whitehead 
Rosa Valdivia 

^^~ \-efi 

l^ 'M 

192 Underclassmen 


^<^f^'>-f * 




Eugene Hotchkiss 


"You'll go further than you ever 

thought you could." 

Theodore R. Carlus 
Vice President-Business 

Francis B. (Spike) Gummere, Jr. 
Dean of Admissions 

David Spadafora 
Dean of the Faculty 
"On the bent given to our minds as 
they open and expand, depends 
their subsequent fate; and on the 
general management of Education 
depend the honour and dignity of 
our species." — Richard Price, 

George L. Speros 

Associate Dean of the Faculty; 

Director of Off- Campus Programs 

Bruce A. King _, 

Director of Minority Affairs and ■ 

Assistant to the President ^ 

194 Faculty and Administration 

Gordon E. White 

Director of Financial Aid and 

Assistant to the President 

Ru thane I. Bopp 

Gina M. Moon 

Director of Campus Activities 

Mary V. Ashley 

Assistant Professor of Biology 

Ph.D., University of California (San 


(1-r) Wayne Doleski, Associate Dean 

of Students 

Joan C. Dovekas, Associate Dean of 


Ronald H. Miller, Dean of Students 

"It is only immoral to be dead-alive, 

sun-extinct and busy putting out the 

sun in other people." — D.H. 


Faculty and Administration 195 




\ '^ 


W ^ 




- '^. 

"^ fln 

^\ -"- 

- .-'>^ MK- ^^^^ 

Catherine Benton 
Coordinator of Interfaith Ministry 
and Lecturer in Religion 
Ph.D., Columbia University 

William T. Butterworth 

Assistant Professor of Mathematics 

Ph.D., Northwestern University 

Lowell A. Carmony 

Professor of Mathematics and 

Computer Science 

Ph.D., Southern Illinois University 

Pack Carnes 

Associate Professor of Japanese 

Ph.D., University of California (Los 


Dan P. Cole 

William R. Bross Professor of 

Religion, Chairperson of Religion 


Ph.D., Drew University 

"Peculiar travel arrangements are 

dancing lessons from God." — Kurt 


Ted Courant 

Assistant Professor of Mathematics 

Ph.D., University of California 


1 96 Faculty and Administration 

Rosemary E. Cowler 
Professor of English, Hotchkiss 
Presidential Chair; Director of the 
M/LS Program; Faculty Marshal 
Ph.D., Yale University 

Audrey J. Curtiss 

Assistant Professor of Economics 

Ph.D., Claremont Graduate School 

Alan Devenish 

Director of the Writing Center and 


Ph.D., New York University 

Les. R. Dlabay 

Associate Professor of Business; 

Director of the Summer Session 

Ed.D., Northern Illinois University 

"Sometimes, the journey is more 

important than the destination." 

Bailey L. Donnally 

Professor of Physics, Chairperson of 

the Physics Department 

Ph.D., University of Minnesota 

Michael H. Ebner 

Professor of History 

Ph.D., University of Virginia 

"If all time is eternally present, all 

time is irredeemable." — T.S. Eliot 

Faculty and Administration 197 

Arlene Eskilson 

Professor of Sociology and 

Anthropology, Chairperson of the 

Sociology and Anthropology 


Ph.D., University of Illinois 


Also pictured: Mr. Darwin, Director 

of Canine Comestibles 

Roger J. Faber 

Professor of Physics on the Jacob 

Beidler Fund 

Ph.D., Michigan State University 

Paul B. Fischer 

Associate Professor of Politics 

Ph.D., University of Massachusetts 

C. Richard Fisher 

Assistant Professor of German 

Ph.D., University of Chicago 

Jean-Luc Garneau 

Professor of French, Chairperson of 

the Foreign Language Department 

Licence es Lettres Libre, Universite 


David George ^^^^ 
Associate Professor of Spanish '!^'';^\ 
Ph.D., University of Minnesota 
'Everything passes and everything 


but it is our lot to pass, 

to pass making paths, 

paths upon the sea." — Antonio 


198 Faculty and Administration 

Clayton Gray, Jr. 

Associate Professor of German and 


Ph.D., University of California 


Robert M. Greenfield 

Associate Professor of English 

Ph.D., Columbia University 

Cynthia T. Hahn 
Assistant Professor of French 
Ph.D., University of Illinois 
"Cueillez des aujourd'hui les roses 
de la vie — Carpe diem!" 

Forest W. Hansen 

Professor of Philosophy, Acting 

Chairperson of the Philosophy 


Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University 

". . .the unexamined life is not 

worth living. . ." — Socrates 

Keith D. Hazelton 

Assistant Professor of History 

Ph.D., Princeton University 

Robert L. Holliday 

Associate Professor of Mathematics 

and Computer Science 

Ph.D., Southern Illinois University 



Faculty and Administration 1 99 

Michael M. Kash 

Assistant Professor of Physics 

Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of 


Laura J. Kateley 

Instructor in Chemistry 

M.S., Michigan State University 

Richard S. Kelly 
Assistant Professor of Chemistry 
Ph.D., The University of Vermont 
"Princes do but play us: compared 
to this, all honour's mimic, all 
wealth alchemy." 

Frank E. Kirby 

Professor of Music, Chairperson of 

the Music Department 

Ph.D., Yale University 

"Non Carborundum lUegitimi" 

David L. Krantz 
Professor of Psychology 
Ph.D., Northwestern University 

William B. Martin 

Professor of Chemistry, 

Chairperson of the Chemistry 


Ph.D., Northwestern University 

200 Faculty and Administration 

Charles A. Miller 

D.K. Pearsons Professor of Politics 

Ph.D., Harvard University 

Nader Nazmi 

Associate Professor of Economics 

Ph.D., University of Illinois 


Mark D. Nelson 

Assistant Professor of Music 

M.F.A., Princeton University 

W' ''^ M ^"^ 

Edward W. Packel 

Ernest H. Volwiler Professor of 

Mathematics, Chairperson of 

Mathematics and Computer 

Science Department 

Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of 


Lawrence M. Schoen 

Assistant Professor of Psychology 

Ph.D., Kansas State University 

George C. Shields 

Assistant Professor of Chemistry 

Ph.D., Georgia Institute of 


Well, [{-ffillm) V2] ^ = ET, 
so obviously, E = n2h2/8ma2 

Faculty and Administration 201 

W. Rand Smith 

Professor of Politics 

Ph.D., The University of Michigan 

Jeffrey O. Sundberg 

Instructor in Economics 

M.A., Stanford University 

Carol E. Thickstun 

Instructor in Spanish 

M.A., University of Minnesota 

M. Lee Thompson 

Professor of Chemistry 

Ph.D., Indiana University 

David W. Towle 

Foster G. McGaw Professor of 

Biology, Chairperson of the Biology 


Ph.D., Dartmouth College 

(l-r)Carolyn Tuttle, Associate Professor of 

Economics, Ph.D., Northwestern 

University; Robert B. Glassman, Professor 

of Psychology, Chairperson of the 

Psychology Department, Ph.D., University 

of Pennsylvania; Jill Van Newenhizen, 

Assistant Professor of Mathematics, Ph.D., 

Northwestern University; Jonathan F. 

Galloway, Professor of Politics, Ph.D., 

Columbia University 

From Dr. Glassman: "The really valuable 

factor is intuition." — Albert Einstein 

202 Faculty and Administration 

Bernice G. (Dr. Bunny) Vignocchi 
Assistant Professor of English and 
Assistant to the Director of the 
M/LS Program 
Ph.D., Northwestern University 

Kenneth L. Weik 

Associate Professor of Biology 

Ph.D., Southern Illinois University 

Naomi Wentworth 

Assistant Professor of Psychology 

Ph.D., The University of 


Cynthia B. Woodbury 

Assistant Professor of Business 

M.S.A., DePaul University 

Back Row: Ricke Tucker, 
Ester Jen, Margaret Soter, 
Arthur Miller, Heidi Ford. 
Front Row: Sara Jump, Robin 
Lecklie, Rita Roller, Vanaja 

Faculty and Administration 203 

William E. Zamer 
\ Assistant Professor of Biology 
Ph.D., University of Maine 

Arthur Zilversmit 

Professor of History 

Ph.D., University of California 


not Schoen: 

Those with quotes: 

Kenneth C. Bennett, Jr.: "Words beget words beget words beget 
words . . . bravo procreation!" 

Tung H. Jeong (self-described Boardhead): "THE WIND WON'T 
WAITII!" (A Boardhead is a person who has an obsession with the 
sport of windsurfing.) 

Abba Lessing: "Supposing truth is a woman — what then?" — 

Charles R. Paulson: "Don't let school interfere with your 

Lynne Pudles: "Looking at art, as well as thinking and questioning, 
are among life's greatest pleasures: Savor them!" 

Ahmad Sadri: "(Philistine's) mentality is formed of the stock ideas 
and conventional ideals of his or her group and time!" — from 
Philistines and Philistinism 

Those without: 

Regrettably, too numerous to mention. 

204 Faculty and Administration 


Men's Lacrosse 

The 1991 Foresters were led to a 5-7 record by new head coach Pete Ginnegar. The team opened up the season in Los 
Angeles, California with a 3-1 record against Loyola Maramount. Upon return from the West Coast, the Foresters lost a 
tight game to Oberlin College. The attack was led by Captain Matt Barnard, Tim Ouhrabka and Captain Ted Handler. At 
midfield, Pete Whitlock, Nik Soforenko and Howie Saperston led the squad. Captain Colin Barbera and Ryan Carpentier 
were the coaches for the defense. Victories against Knox College and Wittenberg moved the Forester's record to 5-5. The , 
season ended in a well-played match against the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame. Colin Barbera was named MVP, and Heath j 
Watson was named MIP. 

C ^oPEsrr 

"Sf m "j=g«* ,,,TOs 

« W «5tsm, -^ <Y "«S«io™s '■,.«<« 

^% ff®^ 'Fi T^ ® »S M "" 

(Front Row) Matt Barnard, Peter Whitlock, Todd Wheelden, Alan Wear, Colin Barbera, (Second Row) Ken James, Steve Stoyka, Ryan Carpentier, 
Nik Soforenko, Pete Ginnegar, Owen Strohmer, Jason Moore, Mike McGinnis, Jeff Doyle, (Third Row) Daryl Dewbrey, Howie Saperston, Doug 
Pinkerton, Bill Jewett, Phil Buck, Charlie Constable, Chip Monzeglio, Jason Avicolli, (Back Row) Todd Wenzon. Mike Stone, Heath Watson, Rich 
Meyer, Drew Sinn, Drew Strawbridge, Chris Hamilton. (Not Pictured) Matt Caplice, Todd Dougherty, Ted Handler, Todd Lewis. 

206 Sports 

(Left) Chip Monzeglio looks for the perfect play. (Above) Matt 
Caplice challenges his opponent. (Below) Tim Ouhrabka goes in 
for a point! 


■y«*t-< vsN,%^.^vwi>Afr.> w w5S^ 


?= f^: > 




(Above) The Foresters in action! 
(Heath Watson, Howie Saperston, and 
Tim Ouhrabka). (Right) The Team on 
their way to victory!!! 

(Opposite Page, Bottom Left) Doug 
Pinkerton and Pete Whitlock advance 
toward their destination. (Bottom 
Right) Steve Stoyka finds his target. 





m-^'-^ M?f'^*'^'-^^^& 

^, :^" 

Sports 207 


Jennifer Courts defends third base. 


The LFC women's 
Softball team fought hard 
and won the last two 
games of the season 
which were against St. 
Norberts. This allowed 
for them to clinch the 
division championship 
and be placed third in the 
conference with a record 
of 15-15. The two players 
who were named to the 
MACW All-Conference 
team are Senior Nicole 
Angeli (batting .393 and 
fielding .397) and Junior 
Kathy Hafenscher 
(batting .397 and pitching 
10-6, ERA 2.78). Nicole 
Angeli was voted MVP, 
and Sarah Beckstrom as 
MIP. Nicole Angeli and 
Shelly Keller (.307) were 
the team captains for the 
1991 season. Jennifer 
Courts (.333) and Kathy 
Hafenscher were 
designated as the 1992 
team captains. 

Sharon Rogers charges for home plate. 

Nicole Angeli displays her All-Conference swinji 



All-Conference player Kathy Hafenscher delivers her winning pitch. 

208 Sports 

(Front Row) Stacey Montano, Jennifer Courts, (Second Row) Erleen Banks, Kim Neumann, Allison Sedgwick, 
Kristine Specht, Kathy Hafenscher, Marcy Mustafa, Sharon Rogers, (Third Row) George Neumann, Michelle 
Forgeron, Anne Bennett, Diana Shull, Anthony Fagan, Bill Butterworth, (Back Row) Sarah Beckstrom, Amber 
Leucht, Nicole Angeli, Shelly Kellar, Renee Diebold. 


Stacey Montano concentrates on the ball. 

Kim Neumann awaits the pitch. 

Sports 209 



Senior Paul Gibson definitely has a 
nice twist to his serve! 

Freshman Ryan Yamada reaches for the stars. 

. . -^ 

Freshman Todd Carr gives us a hand. . . a backhand. 

Sophomore Rob Potter strains to reach the ball. 

Sports 210 

Rob Potter plays tough while he is on the court. 

Paul Gibson displays a cool style when playing tennis. 

(Front Row) Andre Kremzer, Todd Carr, Lome Pinto, (Second Row) Ryan Yamada, Rob Potter, Craig Lepkowski, Richard Rizzo, Paul Gibson, 
Eric Smith, (Back Row) Scott Kemnetz, Arthur Zeifer, Whip Burks, Mark Pelton, Skip Cook. 

Sports 211 


The 1991 Forester football team 
finished with two wins for the season. 
The record was in no way a reflection 
of the team spirit, effort, and talent. 
Known as the "dirty thirty," the 
football team was faced with the 
problems associated with a small 
squad. Despite the decreased numbers, 
the team increased both the record 
and overall statistics from the previous 
year. The team lost two heartbreaking 
games by one point (23-24 vs. Ripon 
and 13-14 vs. Lawrence). The two wins 
were against Grinnell College and 
Illinois College. 



(Clockwise from top) Captain Joel Forney listens as Assistant Coach Tim 
Bowen explains a play — Eric Abrahamson brings 'em down! — The 
home team support was great this day — The LFC Foresters at work (or 
is this play?) — Jim DeLisa looks for the throw. 

212 Sports 

(Front Row) Oat Whitney, Tim DeWitt, Matt Ferrari, Ken Ottaviano, (Second Row) Chris Howard, Tom Chatterton, Dan Cole, Mike May, Jason 
Moore, Eric Meadow, unknown, Steve Johnson, Dave Hansen, (Third Row) Brian Johnson, Tom Hirsch, Becki Gamble, Dave Kramer, Tim 
Bowen, Mike Dau, Grant Blaney, Frank Giannamore, Joe Paterna, Noal Shurak, (Fourth Row) John Hurley, Jose Maldonado, Chris Walsh, Tripp 
Frank, Joel Forney, Eric Kalata, Shannon Neal, Ryan Carpentier, Matt Cochran, (Fifth Row) Bill Brown, Greg Battin, Pat Schuleit, Andy Weesner, 
Dave Mills, Eric Abrahamson, Phil Christopher, Maurice Butler, (Back Row) Jim DeLisa, Dan Hughes, Erik Rasmussen, Brandon Kerndt, Mark 
Collier, Eric Ahern, Seth Aronow. 

(Top Left) Moe Butler takes it in for a touchdown! (Above) The Line-Up (Bottom Left) Billy 

Sports 213 


The soccer team had a fantastic 
year, ending the season with a 
record of 12-2-2. The four All- 
Conference players were Eric 
Drometer, Tony Leraris, Corey 
O'Connor, and Stefan Peirson. 
Travis Beard and Greg Selby were 
named Honorable Mention. 

Thanks from the team goes to 
Coach Fritz and Coach Ginnegar 
for the awesome support and 

(Left) Senior Eric Drometer shows perfect form. 
(Above) Corey O'Connor clears the ball. 
(Bottom Left) David Schaye with an incredible 
fake. (Bottom Right) Greg Boltz puts the ball in 
past the helpless goalie. 


214 Sports 


£^^WL -jMBWiiPF^B 


r •*■ 




Above) Senior Dan Bracken boots the ball! (Above Right) Greg Selby 
lizes up his opponent. (Right) Stefan Peirson attacks the enemy! 


liiwuiai S*'',vx)'„ V _ 


(Front Row) Paul Sansone, Ted Martin, David Schaye, Dan Bracken, Eric Drometer, Schuyler Vaughan, Adam Cole, (Second Row) Tony Fritz, 
Greg Pike, Tim Sinclair, Pat Eelnurme, Corey O'Connor, Jeff Laliberte, Jeremy Weinberg, Pete Ginnegar, (Third Row) Jack Cavanaugh, John 
Hogan, Tony Leraris, Greg Selby, Paul Colte, Dave Frattalone, Scott Braming, Matt Weil, David Amsden, (Back Row) Travis Beard, Andy 
Haskell, Greg Boltz, Eric Saul, Rich Meyer, Volkert Veldhoven, Leo Smerglia, Stefan Peirson. 

Sports 215 

Women's Soccer 

(Front Row) Courtney Mead, Amie Scherer, Jessica Filoon, Karyn Cornelia, (Second Row) Chi Carriere, Alexandra Early, Tricia Lively, Kimi 
Kurz, Carolyn Krystal, Lori Meenan, Sara Hazelton, (Third Row) Priscilla Posick, Heather Ingram, Anne Bennett, Kimberly Yeaton, Alysha 
Buonerba, Anthony Pagan, (Back Row) Sarah Lepinski, Sheila Somers, Eliza Whitmore, Katie Bradstreet, Rachel Moskoff. (Not Pictured) Jessica 
Levin, Larissa Stress. 

Anne Bennett tries to deceive her opponent. 

Heather Ingram goes for the gold. 

216 Sports 

Fop Left) Sheila Somers challenges her 
pponent for the ball. (Top Right) Sarah 
epinski and Lori Meenan — Good 

'*■ '• -■'•■■- - --w**,.. 

\bove) Sarah Lepinski tries for some 
istance. (Below) Anne Bennett, Miss 
ancy Feet. 


~< ^^'"^ 

Alexandra Early goes for possession. 

Sports 217 

(Front Row) Sarah Akhtar, Ellie Brown, Kate Reichardt, Heather Reilly, (Back Row) Cille Ramsey, Sharon Tallach, Amy Holzer, Brenda Stotts, 
Sandy Bozich. 

— ^ ■ :"-»■ ^>y 

Sarah Akhtar slams the ball. 

Ellie Brown with a backcourt shot. 

218 Sports 

Women's Tennis 

(Left) Heather 
Reilly with a 
short court 

(Right) Brenda 
Stotts winds up 
for a shot. 

(Right) I think I 
can. . . I think I 
can. . . (Sharon 

(Below) Senior 
Sandy Bozich 
has a look of 

Although the Forester's 
record was 5-8 this year, it 
[las been a great 
improvement from the last 
Few years. The motivation 
ind determination brought 
he team closer to winning 
;han ever before, and every 
player always contributed 
[110%. Led by captain Sandy 
Bozich, the Lake Forest 
[ivomen's tennis team 
inished in sixth place out of 
eleven teams at the Midwest 
\thletic Conference 
iVomen's Tournament in 
Vladison, Wisconsin. 

reshmen players Sarah 
\khtar and Sharon Tallach 
jave a great showing by 
vinning many matches for 
he team. Returning players 
irenda Stotts, Heather 
ieilly and Ellie Brown 
bowed their great intensity 
ind form on the courts. 
)andy Bozich had her best 
howing ever. She made it 
o the semifinals in both 
loubles and singles in 

Sports 219 

Emily Herbst goes for the spike. 

All-Conference player Jennifer Giese sets for the bunk. 


(Front Row) Jennifer Giese, Jody Birling, Teri Huntington, (Second Row) Kim Garvey, Michelle Forgeron, Amber Leucht, Patti Timmerman, 
Karla Weathers, Debbie Bergman, Jan Baumgartner, Cheryl Fasano, (Back Row) Erica Frohm, Jackie Slaats, Amy Rogers, Emily Herbst, Sue 
Prior, Erin Barry, Jenny Severson, Jennifer Brewczynski, Diana Schull. 

220 Sports 

Sports 221 

(Above) Otis Mutlaqee goes for 
2. (Right) Air Cleveland high 
above the crowd!! (Below) Eric 
Cunningham is ready to pass, 
but that guy is in the way! 

Men's Basketball 

The 1991-1992 men's basketball team had 
high expectations with veteran coach Norm 
Goodman as he entered his second season 
with the Foresters. The team consisted of five 
returning players and twelve incoming 
fi"eshmen and sophomores. The captains for 
the season were Junior Jim Adams and Senior 
Otis Muttaqee, a three time All-Conference 
player. Muttaqee was also nominated as an 
Ail-American candidate for the season. 
Overall, the combination of the twelve young 
players and the five veterans added much life 
to the men's basketball program. With this 
young group, the next few years for the 
Foresters look very promising. 

Jimmy Adams shows confidence against Carroll College. 

222 Sports 

(Front Row) Becki Gamble, Otis Muttaqee, Jim Adams, Tom Hirsch, Shenae Simmons, (Second Row) Robert Baade, Brian Rafferty, Phil Ryan, 
Mike Newquist, Norm Goodman, Reza Palizban, Cleveland Tyson, Eric Cunningham, Howard Wasserman, (Back Row) Anthony Ray, Frank 
Garcia, Brent Hudson, Matt Roszak, Rodney Woodruff, Ben Galka, Bob Petersen, Mike Karempelis. 

Senior-Standout Otis Muttaqee leads the fast break. 

Matt Roszak displays his unique shooting style! 

Sports 223 


(Above) Kim Kasal and (Below) Shelle' Riley go for 
the freethrow!! (Left) Karla Weathers charges down 
the court. (Bottom Middle) Junior Marcy Mustafa 
shoots for two. (Bottom Right) Senior Erica Frohm 
pushes past her opponent for the shot. 

224 Sports 

(Front Row) Anthony Fagan, Marcy Mustafa, Ann Gebhardt, Erica Frohm, Anne Bennett, Charle Fern, (Second Row) Sally Booy, Jenny Severson, 
Karla Weathers, Patti Timmerman, Shannon Reidy, Kelly Baker, Jackie Slaats, (Back Row) Eileen Horaitis, Maria Vitaioli, Kim Kasal, Shelle' 
Riley, J J. Mielke, Sheila Somers. 

Ann Gebhardt looks for the ball. 

Jenny Severson fights for two. 

Sports 225 



Joe Paterna prepares for the hit. 

For the Johnsons, handball is a family event. 

Lisa Ross reaches for the overhead shot. 

(Front Row) Lisa Ross, Brian Johnson, Katharine Baldwin, (Back Row) Mike Dau, Brian Lescinskas, Steve Johnson, Mark Hammond, Phil Redden, 
Joe Paterna. (Not Pictured) Jennifer Giese. 

226 Sports 


The 1991-1992 men's handball team is a group 
of collegiate hopefuls despite losing a key player, 
Noal Shurak, for the semester. Leading the team 
this year were Mark Hammond, Steve Johnson, 
and Brian Lescinskas. Joining the team were the 
talented freshmen players: Brian Johnson, Joe 
Paterna and Phil Redden. 

The women's handball team has contributed 
quite well to the overall standing for the 
Foresters. Seniors Katharine Baldwin and 
Jennifer Giese and Junior Lisa Ross have proved 
their excellence! 

Due to the small number of players, the team 
was close knit and well-rounded, and they would 
not accept defeat from any of their opponents. 
These competitive Foresters look forward to 
working hard in their futures at LFC so as to 
excel toward a national title. 

Clockwise from Above) Mark Hammond practices for his next opponent; Steve Johnson has an excellent serve; Brian Lescinskas never gives up on a 
hot; Katharine Baldwin displays her technique; Phil Redden serves with style. 

Sports 227 


This season was a rebuilding year for the 
Forester hockey team. After last year's 
NCAA tournament bid, anything short of 
the same would have been disappointing. As 
a result of this, the hockey team faced 
probably the toughest schedule in the 
history of the program. This included eight 
Division I games against three Division I 

The team's most memorable highlight of 
the year was their trip to Fairbanks, Alaska. 
This series marked the first time that a 
Forester hockey team has stepped foot on 
Alaskan soil. The trip provided the 
members of the team with a chance to 
experience a different culture while playing 
against a highly competitive team. Despite 
the fact that the visit in Alaska was during 
the shortest days of the year, the players 
were still able to see some of the 
unforgettable sites. 

Next year, the Foresters will be a more 
experienced team with a foundation of 
mostly juniors and seniors. This year the 
hockey team will be graduating four 
seniors: George Husson, Eric Olson, Dan 
Vacco, and Mike Wasik. 

(Above Left) Mike DeSantis goes in for a shot on goal. (Above Right) Todd Lewis shows the 
fans what he can do. (Below) Bryan Desmond plans his move. 

(Front Row) Schuyler Vaughan, Steve Schuh, Greg Selby, Francois Marquis, George Husson, Dan Vacco, Eric Olson, Mike Wasik, Bryan 
Desmond, Dave Kulik, Andy Haskell, (Second Row) Tim Brennan, Mike Annunziato, Todd Lewis, Chad Welborn, Tim Sinclair, Tony Fritz, Mike 
DeSantis, Kevin Delaney, Karl Bonawitz, Brett Bokath, Pete Ginnegar, (Back Row) Rob Ventura, Graeden Ambrose, Todd Dougherty, Devin 
DeStefano, Jesse Kasom, Tim Ouhrabka, Mark Sherrod. 

228 Sports 

«r* W 

paiib;.'- -■. . . 

(Above) Devin DeStefano 
(Below) Rob Ventura 

Chad Welborn skates competitively among his opponents. (Tim Ouhrabka in background) 

(Above) Greg Selby receives the pass from Tim Ouhrabka. 
(Left) The famous Dan Vacco awaits some action. 

Sports 229 

Jason Magnani demonstrates an amazing butterfly stroke. 

(Clockwise from 

We're number 
onel (Jeff 
Johnson and 
Andy Hill); 

flashes a smile; 

Ryan Peal 
prepares for his 
next event; 

Wanna Race? 
(Jim Shreve, 

Lepkowski, and 
John Newlin) 

230 Sports 

Men'^s Swimming 

The 1991-1992 Men's Swimming and Diving 
Team had several goals this year; to swim 
lifetime best times, to win the men's MCAC 
conference title and place in the top 20 teams 
at the MCAA's. 

The team was led by the senior nucleus 
which consisted of captain Jason Reeves, Andy 
Hill, Craig Lepkowski, and Jim Shreve. Joining 
the team was a talented group of transfer 
students and freshmen from all over the 
United States. The Foresters set the stage for 
in incredible year, and the team posted an 
impressive dual meet record. 

Andy Hill, Junior Ryan Peal, and Freshmen 
Danny Tarkowski led the best men's team in 
the program's 25 years of existence in the 
NCAA championships in Buffalo, New York. 

(Front Row) Skip Cook, Craig Lepkowski, Jason Reeves, Andy Hill, Jim Shreve, (Second Row) Guy Stehley, Brian Johnson, Roger Sommer, Mike 
Blankner, Ray Baker, Matt Luebbers, (Back Row) Danny Tarkowski, Brian Garcia, Jeff Johnson, Jason Magnani, Sasha Sudbrack. (Not Pictured) 
Ryan Peal. 

Sports 231 

(Front Row) Erika Jensen, Jennifer Lee, Janet Matthew, Alexandra Early, Nicole Harper, Kellie Scheurell, (Second Row) Allison Freund, Francie 
Lowenberg, Beanie Gallagher, Melissa Roper, Hilary Newlin, Michelle MacEnulty, Laura Dryden, (Back Row) Alys Bartels, Sara Hazelton, Stacy 
Kirschner, Molly Rigney, Kelly Farber, Shawna Burns, Jennifer Lyne. 


The women's swimming and diving team once 
again had a very sucessful season. Returning among 
others were conference champion Nicole Harper, 
and three time national qualifier Janet Matthew. 

With the addition of freshmen Shawna Burns 
(breaststroke), Kelly Farber (distance), Jennifer 
Lyne (backstroke), Michelle MacEnulty (freestyle), 
and Alys Bartels (diving), the team continued to 
dominate with its depth and talent. 

The team will bid farewell this year to seniors 
Alexandra Early, Nicole Harper, Erika Jensen, 
Jennifer Lee, Janet Matthew, Hilary Newlin, 
Melissa Roper, and Kellie Scheurell. These eight 
women have been strong components of the team 
throughout the past four years. If the team takes 
the conference title, these seniors will be 
"graduating with a 4.0." 

Unity was a large part of the 1991-1992 season. 
Alexandra Early stated, "I felt that the team was 
very close this year." 

(Above Left) Hilary Newlin smiles for the camera. (Above Right) Francie 
Lowenberg performs a back flip. (Below) Swimmin' women look confident before 
their meet. (Kellie Scheurell, Hilary Newlin, Laura Dryden, Nicole Harper, Stacy 
Kirschner, Shawna Burns). 

232 Sports 

Sports 233 

The Sports Center Crew 


Athletic Director 

Football and Handball Coach 

Football Asst.: Grant Blaney, Tim Bowen, Frank 
Giannamore, Dave Kramer 


Swimming and Men's Tennis Coach 

Swimming Asst.: Matt Luebbers, Guy Stehley 


Hockey and Men's Soccer Coach 

Hockey Asst.: Tim Brennan, Pete Ginnegar 
Soccer Asst.: Pete Ginnegar 



Men's Lacrosse Coach 
Men's Soccer Asst. Coach 
Hockey Asst. Coach 

1991 Lacrosse Asst.: Jeff Doyle, Ken James 

Men's Basketball Coach 

Asst.: Robert Baade, Howard Wasserman 

1991 Softball Coach 

Asst.: Bill Buttei h 

234 Sports 


Women's Soccer Coach 
1992 Softball Coach 

Photo Not 

Women's Tennis Coach 


Volleyball and Women's Basketball Coach 

Basketball Asst.: Sally Booy 
Volleyball Asst.: Jennifer Brewczynski 



Coordinator for 





Secretary to the 

Athletic Director 

Athletic Trainer 

(Left to Right) 


- Nurse 


- Secretary 



Sports 235 

I-M and Club Sports 

Phipes vs. Brotherhood — Who will win? 

'^kr^^'^fi ^A„-. .iiis; I 

Marc Joubert attempts a touchdown pass, if he can avoid Todd Parola. 

LFC students get involved in athletics the easy way. 

Smilel You're on candid cameral 

236 Sports 

1r- m ' 

Soccer practice- "Practice makes perfect 

Women's Hockey practice — "Is it over yet?" 

"This could be painful.' 


Lacrosse — "I've got it! Now what 
do I do with it?" 

a"^ Ik. 

Rugby — "Too much play can be hazardous to your health.' 

Talent Show 

"Lake Forest men are always at the height of 

JV Hockey — "Male bonding at its finest.' 

Sports 237 

Lake Forest Rugby 

, . .Searching for Recognition 

What's the big secret! 

Owen Strohmer — Standing Proud! 



And you wonder why rugby was never in the yearbook before. 


238 Sports 

Mill WM ni({ 

njir riii»if 



May the 
competition of 
hockey and 
sailing be helpful tc 
you in your 
career. We know 
you will be a 
success in life. 

Mom 8f Dad 
Andrea & Rob 


"» OH 330^ WIT 


Quite the Swinger! 

Congratulations, Jennifer 


Continued Success! 


j^om. Dad, Mindy 

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'-^- -A ^. ' 

Advertising 241 

Chris — 

You are # 1 with us. We are so very proud of you! 

All our love — Mom, Gene, and Clancy 

The quality of a person's life is in direct proportion to their commitment to excellence, regardless of their chosen field of 
endeavor. — Vincent Lombardi 

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Advertisements 243 

Congratulations Simona! 

May You Strive At 

Attaining Success And 

Happiness Because You 

Deserve The Best. . . 

Love Dad, Mom, Grazia, 8c Nadia 


Dive Into The 

Rest Of Your 

Life With The 

Same Abandon. 


M, D, P, + 3 

May You Never Lose Sight Of Your 


And May All Those Dreams Come 

True. You 

Deserve The Best. Thanks For Being 

You And 

We Are Very Proud Of You. 


Mom, Dad, Pavan and Jay. 


Keep Smiling! 

We Love You And Are So Proud Of You!! 


Mom & Dad 

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Advertising 245 


©(gD FoF^©^ 

Give all you've got. 

In all you do. . . 

And success 

Will be yours! 


Mom and Dad 

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Born to us in the month of December, 
A wonderful Christmas to remember, 
Weighing in at 5 — 8, long and lean, 
Wonderful years ahead to be seen. 

Off to Kindergarden at just age four, 
Exciting new experiences lay in store, 
Anxious to succeed, independant and bold. 
Opportunities ahead; ready to unfold. 

Four years at Central High School, 

Many hours spent in the pool. 

Hours of studying, research, becoming well read. 

Preparing for college and what lies ahead. 

Relying on the Lord, Decisions to make, 
Deciding which is the right path to take. 

A daughter is a gift whose worth cannot be 
iimeasured except by the heart. 

If anyone serves the Lord, let them follow Him 
and where the Lord be, there shall also my servant 
be; if anyone serves the Lord, they will be honored 
by God. 

John 12:26 

We look at 


with honor 

and esteem 

The choices 

you have 

made and the 


you have 



Mom and Dad 


Grandpa, and 


Advertisements 247 


Love Mom, Dad 
Todd and Kelly 

Much success Jen 
Wherever your path may lead you! 
Mom, Dad, Julie, Tim & Kathie 




May your future be 

filled with happiness 

and success. 

We are very proud 

of you and 

all of your 



Mom, Dad, 
Renee, Michele & 


Congratulations Mikel 
An ice job! Your hard 
work makes it 5 for 5, 
We're really proud of 
you. Now new goals! 

Mom, Dad, Tim, Mo, 
Cindy & Dave, Chris 
& Sue 

From SVnS through BB&M to LFC: 
Outgoing, intuitive, creative- 
Scholar of what you've chosen; 
Leader of peers and youngers; 

Believer in the last minute, 

in yourself, and other miracles. 

Be and become the man you are! 

Congratulations with love from 
Caroline, HeyMom, 
Bear, and Qooz 

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Miss Lisa Parker 
Class of 1992 


We are so proud of you! 
Mom & Dad 

Advertising 249 


Enjoy the Song of 
Life Always. 
You art tfte Best 
We (bve you. 
Morri; Dadj 
Cfmsiinj Matt 

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Good Luck, Your Proud Mom! 

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all your dreams are on their way 

. .if you need a friend I'm sailing right behind, like 
a bridge over troubled water. . .-S 6f Q 

XOXO We love you Hilaryl 
Mom, John, Jody, Johnny, and J.D. 

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Advertisements 253 


f *^ 








*' ** ^« s* "^ 



Alexandra Blakeman Early, B.A. 

You'll always be our baby 

Love from, 
Mom and Dad 

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Advertisements 255 

We are 
so proud 

to call you 

our son, brother, and 

best friend. 

May God Bless 

You and Keep You 

in His Care. 

Spawner, Beaver, 

Onion, Shawnee, 

Homeboy, Danimal 

All our love. 


and best wishes 

go forth 

to you today. 

Your groupies 

& support group: 

Mom, Dad, Kim, 

Karcass, Kitty, 

Rich, Sam, Piggy 

and your puppy "Max" 

in heaven 


256 Advertisements 

on making it 
through in only 
4 years! 
I can't believe 
it. . . 

thought you 
were on the 6 
year plan! 


^ Courtney — wherever you go in 
life, whatever stage or place you 
reach, we will always be with you, 
gently guiding, faithfully following, 
and ever walking beside you. 
We love you very much! 

Mom & Dad 

on making it to 
the top of the 
horse world at 
and the National 
Horseshow at the 
You had a 
dream, and you 
worked hard to 
make it come 

Can t wait to have 
you back home! 
A big lick & 
XXXOOO's -Mr. 

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KINDERQARTEn 1975 — 76 






I'm so proud of youl I wish 

you well & lots of luck. 

You are the very best thing 

that happened to me. 

Much love; 



We love and support you 

in all you do 


Mom, Dad and Susan 



"- ir 



Keith — 

I can't tell you how much you mean 

to me. I never knew I'd be so grateful 

to a bag of pretzels. I don't know 

what I'd do without you. Please tell 

me I'll never have to find out! I love 


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'1; j|^H 

... sv^--'--' "'~^M 








m "^ 

• si 

G^^^^ V 






t P 










■^I^B^^. i ^^ 




From that sunny morning, July 17, 
1970, our lives have been enriched. We 
have had the priviledge to watch you 
become the young woman that you are 

As you end this chapter of your life, be 
prepared to begin the next. Always 
remember "How far you reach depends 
on you." Choosing the "Road Less 
Traveled" is never an easy task, for the 
journey is filled with difficult 8c unpopular 
choices, but you, Joy, are an excellent 
example of the rewards of these choices. 
Thank you for choosing us. . .you have 
made the difference in our lives. May God 
love and keep you. 

Our Love and Prayers Forever, ; 

Dad 8c Mom I 

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Good Luck Jodyl Love Your #1 Fan — Jessie 

You 11 Always be on OUR TEAM! 

If You Can Imagine It, 
You Can Achieve It. 
If You Can Dream It, 
You Can Become It. 

We are so very proud of you! 


We Love You, Jody! 

Mom, Dad & Mike 

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Congratulations Kel 

May your future be a pool of 


and a medley of individual 


We love you very much. 

Mom and Dad 

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Congratulations and much love to Eliza — 

We're proud of youl 

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Tomorrow is the first day of the rest of 
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We all love you and are very proud of you 
for a job well done- 
Mom, Jenni, Kristin, Susi, 
Dan, Dad, Dee, Andy and Alex 

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thunderous explosion of energy creating 
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legs. Then God rested, kicked back, and 
said everything was cool. 

Your future lies clearly ahead of you 
and I will always be at your side. 

Carolyn, I will always love you. 


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You Make Us Very 

Proud and Glad 

Heaps of Love from 
Mom and Dad 


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Kathy Kenney — Congratulations! 

May all your dreams come true. 

We are so very proud. 

Love, Mom & Brian XXX 


The Little Indian that became a 

beautiful young lady. 

We love you. 

Mom, Stacy, Grandma 6f All the Rest 


Lots of Love, 

Mom, Dad, Dave, 

Jed and Boomer 


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"Sweet Katy Bruggeman" 



Mill ..nil I Ill" 

4,..,^..-^ ^..4. -.*«** 



We shall not cease from exploration 

And the end of all our exploring 

Will be to arrive where we started 

And know the place for the first time 

-T.S. Eliot 

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Dear Ari, 

Much happiness 
and good luck in 
aii your future 

From the whoie 
gang — with iove. 

iS/lom, Dad, Lori, 
Tiabee, Ed and 

To Kimberly 
An Irish Blessing 
May the road rise to meet you. 
May the wind be always at your back. 
May the sun shine warm upon your face, 
the rains fall soft upon your fields 
and, until we meet again. 
May God hold you in the palm of his hand. 

Congratulations on your Graduation. 

We are so proud of you! 

Love, Mom, Dad and Pat 

Congratulations Aunt Annie 

We are very proud of you! 

Hugs and Kisses, 

Patrick, Quention and Graham 

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Congratulations on your 
accomplishments this far. We are 
very proud of you. Continue to 
trust in The Lord and in all thy 
ways, acknowledge Him and He 
shall direct thy path. (Proverbs) 
Love Mom and Big Brother, 
Michael Jr. 

From your extended family: 
Press On!!! 

Picture by Cubberly Studios 


Congratulations! We wish you only 
the best as you leave (again) to make 
something of your life. 

Mom ond Dod 

You've come a 
long way Baby — 

Much happiness 


Mom, Dad a? Anne 

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Thank you so 

I definitely would 
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From Acavetti to Zsa Zsa and everything in between 

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Mom 8c Dad 




since starting school 

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Ken Ottaviano 

Ken, You have always made us very proud. 

Congratulations! Good Luck! Go For It! 
Love, Mom, Dad, Roxane, Vincie & Louis 


You've been in contrc 
of the ball from the star 
and we know this is just 
the beginning for you. j 
Thanks for making the I 
"game" such a delight 
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Our love and best wishe 
for all your tomorrows. 
Mom, Dad and John 

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we always 
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Davis, Chris 


Davis, Dashun 37,41, 182 | 

Day, Peter 37 

, 104, 137 

DeBoer, Casandra 


Dejong, Connie 


Delaney, Kevin 44, 48, 50, | 


DeLisa, Jim 

212, 213 

DeMuyt, Julie 34,35,49, | 


Desai, Ashish 

39, 167 

DeSantis, Mike 

5, 228 

Desmond, Bryan 

48, 179, 


DeStefano, Devin 



DeVaney, Scott 


Dever, Ted 


Dewbrey, Daryl 


DeWitt, Tim 


Dickinson, Christian 34, 36, | 

37, 44, 46 

, 182, 184 

DiVito, Gina 


Doss, Ani 40, 

49, 86, 89 

Doss, Bonita 

41, 176 

Dougherty, Todd 



Downer, Barry 


Downes, Ellen 


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Dryden, Laura 

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Early, Alexandra 



Eelnurme, Pat 


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Enichen, Julie 

49, 58,61 

Erickson, Julie 34,35,45, 

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Everett, Autumn 190 

Faber, Dan 37,46,51,53, 

183, 184 
Pagan, Anthony 170, 209, 

Fahlen, Jennifer 3, 183 

Fasano, Cheryl 220 

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Ferrari, Matt 213 

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Fetter, Jennifer 37,45,183, 
Field, Lydia 34, 176, 177 
Filoon, Jessica 50,183,216 
Fisch, Ariana 131 

FitzSimons, Allison 50, 94, 
Fleitas, Garrett 50, 94, 100 
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Forsberg, Aimee 44 

Foxman, Laura 158 

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Frattalone, Dave 48,215 
Frerichs, Amy 34, 36, 38 
Freund, Alison 6, 37, 183, 
Fritz, Charles 113 

Frohm, Erica 114,220,224, 
Froysland, Brandon 190 

Furbee, Jim 39 


Gale, Eliza 142 

Galka, Ben 223 

Gallagher, Beanie 40, 232 
Gallagher, Sarah 6, 39, 122 
Can, Bock 42, 45, 280 

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Gardner, Jessica 36, 38, 177 
Gardner, Mackie 50 

Garneau, Marc 34, 177, 179 
Garvey, Kim 220 

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Gebbardt, Ann 225 

Gentry, Brian 166 

Giese, Jennifer 34, 157, 

220, 226, 227 
Gifford, Brian 37 

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Gill, Sean 48, 109 

Glickman, Anthony 177 

Glicksman, Sam 45, 48, 70, 
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Gournis, Dean 150, 174 

Graff, Dan 177 

Graff, Thomas 119 

Graham, Kristin 37,45,51, 
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Grunkemeyer, Carrie 42, 
Gwinn, Jessica 35, 37 



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Hale, Jeanette 1 90 

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Hazelton, Sara 8,216,232 
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Hurley, John 213 

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Hyde, Karyn 177 


lannone, Sonya 34, 41, 51, 
Ichikawa, Dai 43, 45, 48, 
70, 73 
lizuka, Tomone 6, 39, 190 
Ingram, Heather 216,237 
Ireland, John 140 

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Jacobson, Ross 184 

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Johnson, Brian 213,226, 

227, 231 

Johnson, Jeff 230 

Johnson, Roxanne 38, 42, 

46, 144 

Johnson, Steve 213, 226, 


Jones, Heather 34,189 

Jones, Shari 189 

Jones, Tim 48 

Jonqua, Olivia 49 

Joseph, Debbie 184 

Joubert, Marc 105, 236 

Juengst, Heather 38, 184 


Kalata, Eric 151,213 

Kalkanis, Jim 39 

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Keseley, Kirty 8, 152, 174 
Kick, Robin 37, 42, 138 

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Kourakis, Anna 49, 54, 58, 
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Kwasinski, Carole 49, 86, 



Lacroix, Andre 44, 48, 50, 
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Lehmann, Lance 35, 172 
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226, 227 
Leucht, Amber 209, 220, 
Leung.Julie 14, 184, 187 
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Lewis, Todd 206, 228 

Lindemann, Heather 191 
Lindsey, Philip 167 

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Liston, Keith 130, 174 

Little, Kimberley 40, 45, 

Lively, Tricia 37,41,190, 

216, 280 

Lorentzen, Janna 37,44,46 

Lowe, Jennifer 52 
Lowenberg, Francie 232 

Lowther, Sarah 44, 49 

Lueck, Carolyn 127 

Lunger, Tony 185 

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Lynner, Eric 48, 185 

Lyon, Vanessa 97 


Macartney, Monique 34, 49, 


Macartney, Speer 43 

MacEnulty, Michelle 54, 

Magana, Benito 34 

Magnani, Jason 230 

Maldonado, Jose 213 

Mallon, Eileen 128 

Mallon, Erin 128 

Malison, Ed 47 

Maltagliati, Monica 49, 58, 
Mansfield, Alice 6, 37, 45, 

Marquis, Francois 5, 47, 

Martin, Greg 48, 70 

Martin, Kelly 5, 185 

Martin, Ted 215 

Martin, Theodore 57 

Mason, Joanna 37,43,120 
Mastro, Don 44, 48, 110 

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Matthes, Charles 37, 53, 


Matthew, Janet 35,44,45, 

54, 104, 160, 232, 233, 

May, Mike 80,83,213 

McClain, Molly 49, 58, 69 
McDonough, Patricia Roche 

McDowell, Barry 34, 38, 

McGinnis, Mike 48, 206 

McLin, Tanya 41 

McMahon, Chad 3,182 

McMahon, Erin 38, 39, 46 
McNamara, Molly 34, 38, 

Mead, Courtney 216 

Meadow, Eric 44,213 

Meenan, Lori 50, 94, 101, 
216, 217 
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Meridith, Michelle 185 

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185, 187 
Meyer, Rich 104,206,215 
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Mielke,JJ 225 

Miller, Vesheta 38, 46, 178, 

Mills, Dave 213 

Mobarak, Liz 34, 38, 46 

Moffat, Doug 44, 47 

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Monroe, Mina 96 

Montano, Stacey 209 

Montedore, Lisa 35, 178 

Monzeglio, Chip 206, 207 
Moore, Jason 185,206,213 
Morgan, Tom 70 

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Murphy, Suzanne 49,178, 


Murray, Kristin 11, 186 

Murray, Peter 11, 36, 153, 

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Mustafa, Marcy 209, 224, 

Muttaqee, Otis 80, 85, 222, 



Nagel, Rich 48 

Nanavaty, Tamana 40, 122 
Neal, Shannon 213 

Neumann, Kim 209 

Newcomet, Landon 46, 143 
Newlin, Hilary 34, 49, 50, 
Newlin, John 47,230 

Newquist, Mike 223 

Nicholas, Darini 38, 42, 46, 

Nielsen, Matt 3,182 

Niles, Michelle 49, 53, 58, 
Noel, John 43,44, 45, 185 
Nolin, Chris 48, 70, 78 

Nomura, Yasuyo 42, 44, 46, 


Noonan, John 35, 43, 47, 

80, 82 

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O'Connor, Corey 48, 106, 


O'Leary, Heather 5, 49, 58, 


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84, 228 

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Ottaviano, Ken 47, 50, 80, 

81, 213 

Ouhrabka, Tim 48, 207, 

228, 229 

Overturf, Elizabeth 45,130, 


Pagone, Mari 191 

Pagone, Tara 178 

Palenske, Jenny 44,49 

Palizban, Reza 44, 223 

Parker, Lisa 34, 49, 58, 61 
Parker, Matthew 172 

Parkin, Katie 46 

Parks, Dylan 6, 48, 79 

Parola, Todd 47, 236 

Partyka, Sandy 35, 178 

Patel, Roopa 58, 63 

Paterna,Joe 213,226,227 
Paxton, Bill 47 

Payne, Brian 3, 182, 185 
Payne, Mike 185 

Peal, Ryan 230 

Pearson, Duane 37, 40, 44, 
46, 54, 238 
Peirson, Stefan 47,50,214, 
Perham, Geoff 186 

Perreiah, Scott 43 

Perry, Carmen 6,41 


Petersen, Bob 1 

Petersen, Lizzie 
Petersen, Tricia 3 
Peterson, Jason 
Pettus, Rebecca 
Peysakhovich, Mark 

Piepho, Robert 
Pike, Greg 
Pinto, Lome 
Poe, Heather 37 

Popow, Tony 14 

39, 41, 42, 46, 
Porter, Liz 54 

Potter, Chris 40 

Potter, Hope 
Potter, Rob S 

Pozil, Scott 11,34 
Prior, Sue 

Ptomey, Tricia 34 
50, 86, 
Pulce, Mickey 
Pytel, Janice 37, 44, 

91, 223 


, 37, 38 



48, 70, 






37, 38, 

53, 178 

, 58,59 

45, 75, 


3, 186 

10, 211 


45, 178 

44, 49, 



46, 178 


Quam, Lori 
Quintana, Jenny 



Rafferty, Brian 223 

Rasmussen, Dillon 51,53 
Rasmussen, Erik 47, 213 

Ray, Anthony 189, 191, 

Raynor, Sarah 49 

Read, Alexander 1 1 3 

Reavis, Gate 44, 58, 67 

Redden, Phil 226, 227 

Reddy, Sudheshna 37, 39, 
42, 146 
Reeves, Jason 35,54,163, 

Reeves, Nicole 191 

Regas, Terry 80, 85 

Reichardt, Kate 44,218 

Reidy, Shannon 3, 34, 225 
Reilly, Heather 34,40,179, 

218, 219 
Reitelman, Jason 34,37 

Richard, Nathalie 38, 42, 
46, 146 
Riedl, Drew 37, 54 

Rigney, Molly 232 

Riley, Shelle' 224, 225 

Rivera, Portia 34 

Rizzo, Richard 211 

Roberts, Bert 52 

Roberts, David 39, 51, 179 
Roche, Melissa 37, 51 

Rodriguez, David 41, 191 
Rogers, Amy 220 

Rogers, Sharon 104, 159, 

208, 209 

Roper, Melissa 50, 94, 101, 


Ross, Lisa 179,226,227, 


Roszak, Matt 223 

Royle, Gretchen 50, 94, 99 

Rubenstein, Brady 53,188, 


Rufus, Heather 179 

Rupich.Jeff 47, 186 

Rweyemamu, Mike 3, 43, 

51, 116 

Ryan, Phil 3, 223 

Safo, Shaw 136,238 

Saito, Takahiro 191 

Salemme, Paul 43, 186 

Samples, Liz 14, 46 

Samuels, Jane 191 

Sansone, Paul 215 

Saperston, Howie 48, 206, 
Sauer, Matthew 1 1 9 

Saul, Eric 48,72,215 

Savage, Brad 45, 126, 174 
Sc£ine, Jennifer 1 86 

Scanlon, Scott 192 

Schade, Stephanie 38 

Schaye, David 214,215 

Scherer, Amie 216 

Scheurell, Kellie 40,41, 

157, 232 
Schiller, Lara 44, 192 

Schuh, Steve 228 

Schuleit, Pat 47,213 

SchuU, Diana 209, 220 

Schulman, Lauren 34, 49 
Schultz, Nikki 49, 86, 88 
Schwartz, Julia 58,65 

Scully, Randy 48, 70 

Secrist, Laura 58, 60 

Seifert, Elizabeth 37, 120 
Sekikawa, Akiko 42, 192 
Selby, Greg 48,104,214, 
215, 228, 229 
Selengut, Steffanie 49 

Severson, Jenny 49, 220, 

221, 225 
Shamas, Kristin 171 

Shelley, Amy 34,38,129 
Shepple, Theresa 41, 135 
Sherrod, Mark 228 

Shreve,Jim 41,230,231 

Shurak, Noal 213,227 

Silberman, Sam 43,51, 

177, 180 
Silver, Michelle 53 

Simmons, Shenae 37, 186, 
Sinclair, Tim 215,228 

Sirois, Mary Beth 117 

Slader, Kristina 43, 161 

Sloan, Holly 50 

Smerglia, Leo 47, 215 

Smith, Betsy 44 

Smith, Margaret 154 

Smith, Sharon 192 

Smithgall, Scott 40,51,52, 
Snow, Kristal 44 

Socha, Rebecca 


Soforenko, Nik 

34, 116, 


Somers, Sheila 

38, 192, 



Sommer, Roger 


Soomekh, Shadi 


Souza, Scott 


Spannraft, David 


Specht, Kristine 


Stack, Jessica 


Stanimirovic, Sonja 


Stanley, Elizabeth 

34, 40, 

42, 45, 46, 

129, 280 

Stanley, Fredrick 


State, Timothy 


Stauffacher, Lisa 

35, 132 

Steeble, Alison 


Stemmler, Michael 


Stenmark, Marcie 

6, 40, 44, 

49, 180 

Stephenson, Kathy 


Stern, Samantha 


Stevens, Melissa 


Stotts, Brenda 


Stoyka, Steve 48, 206 

Strauss, Jody 14, 186, 187 
Strawbridge, Drew 48, 206 
Streeper, Ann 189 

Strefling, Nikki 49, 86, 90 
Strobel, Sheila 44, 166 

Strohmer, Owen 206, 238 
Strohmer, Steve 48 

Stross, Larissa 40, 154, 216 
Sunberg, Jenny 44 

Sunseri, Amie 49 

Sutherland,Doug 38,41, 
43, 186 
Sutherland, Tiffany 46,135 
Swanson, Brad 11,37 


Tadano, Fumiko 180 

Taflinger, Judy 34,45,186, 


Talbot, Elizabeth 49 

Tallach, Sharon 218,219 

Tarkowski, Dan 192,230 

Teller, Martin 37 

Thien, Alison 37, 39, 43, 


Thomas, Sheila 38, 42, 45, 

46, 180 

Thompson, Lisa 49, 183, 

Thynne, Alexis 44, 46 

Timmerman, Patti 34, 186, 

220, 225 
Townsend, Brian 47 

Travers, Carol 37,45,51, 
Travis, Sheneen 187 

Turner, Sonya 41 

Tweedie, John 187 

Tygar, Mindy 34, 46, 177, 
Tyson, Cleveland 223 


Vacco, Dan 35, 48, 106, 

228, 229 

Valdivia, Rosa 4, 37, 38, 

39,42,44, 192 

Van Ness, Gardiner 3, 36, 

43, 45, 280 

Vardon, Melissa 8 

Vaughan, Schuyler 34, 215, 


Veldhoven, Volkert 48, 70, 

72, 215 

Ventura, Rob 48, 187, 228, 

Vernon, Matt 48 

Vesser, Edit 42, 45 

Viets, Wendy 45,49, 187, 

Vignocchi, Steve 37 

Vitaioli, Maria 225 

Voorhees, Sara 37 


Wagenaar, Melissa 34 
Wagenaar, Sue 8, 34, 

45, 49, 86, 91 
Wakabayashi, Dave 
Walsh, Chris 47, 50, 80, 

Walsh, Monica 11,14, 

Wanderer, Julie 44 

Ward, Chris 





Wasik, Mike 48, 108, 228 

Weathers, Karla 34, 187, 

220, 224, 225 

Webster, Kay-Kay 49, 104, 

Weesner, Andy 47, 213 

Weil, Matt 215 

Weinberg, Jeremy 215,237 
Weis,John 48,70,71 

Weisberg, Darren 124 

Welborn, Chad 48, 228, 

Wessel, Scott 47 

Wesselman, Jennifer 50,94, 

West, Melanie 171 

Westbrooks, Christy 187 

Wheelden, Todd 206 

White, Annelia 125 

Whitehead, Peter 192 

Whitlock, Peter 48, 104, 
Whitmore, Eliza 216 

Whitney, Oat 213 

Whitten, Kim 44 

Wiggall, Stacy 46 

Wilkins, Lisa 45, 155 

WiUson, Beth 50 

Wilmcrding, Daphne 180 
Wilson, Brady 48 

Wilson, Dave 45, 48, 70, 74 
Wilson, Rebecca 44 

Wilton, Ben 44 

Woodis, Mia 40, 118 

Woodruff, Rodney 37,41, 

Woudstra, Mark 44, 48, 107 
Wrather, Rob 34 

Wright, Amanda 49 

Wright, Brearn 37, 41 

Yamada, Ryan 210,211 

Yarbrough, Karen 37, 53 
Yeaton, Kimberly 180,216 
Yelson, Betsy 49, 58, 62 

Yule, Stacy 34, 36 

Zachary, Adrian 40, 236 

Zagmeister, Helga 35, 46 


Easing Down the 
Road. . . 

As the 1991-92 school year 
ends, the paths of Lake Forest 
College students diverge. Some 
of us go home, graduates move 
on to new lives, and still other 
students move into Deerpath for 
the long summer session. Tears 
are shed, addresses exchanged: 
then the year is just a memory. 

But inevitably, in August, as 
always, a steady stream of tanned 
bodies will begin to pour back 
onto the campus. Many old faces 
will be absent, but many new 
ones will be welcomed. 

Just as you can never step into 
the same river twice, the road at 
Lake Forest is everchanging. Yet 
on it goes; a road filled with 
challenge, a road filled with fun, 
a road filled with friends. Most 
important are the memories we 
gather along the way; no matter 
where the paths of our lives lead, 
memories of LFC will always be 
along for the ride. 


Forester 1992 Staff 

Jennifer Fetter 

Dede Qay 



Section Editors 

Christopher Bellios 
Christina Durr 

Julie Erickson 
nicole Harper 
Janet Matthew 
Elizabeth Overturf 
Tricia Ftomey 
Lisa Thompson 
Wendy Viets 








Gamma Phi Pages 



Staff : Bock Gan, Laura Kotelman, Tricia Lively, Monique McCartney, Lisa Ross, Elizabeth Stanley, Judy 
Taflinger, Gardiner Van Ness, Sue Wagenaar, Monica Walsh. 

Photographers : Dede Gay, Kristin Graham, Kim Little 

Volume 93 of the Forester . "The Road Less Traveled," was published by Taylor Publishing Company, Dallas, 
Texas. Taylor's representative to Lake Forest College is Cathy LaValle. Many thanks to Cathy and Taylor. 

If only there were room to thank everyone. However, special thanks to everyone who helped in any way or lent 
their support, especially my assistant editor, Dede Gay, and those overly dedicated staff members, Chris Durr, Julie 
Erickson, and Liz Overturf. 

Forester '92 was made possible by a group of very dedicated staff members and our faculty advisor. Professor 
David George. Along with them were those people who were not on staff but were enthusiastically willing and 
sometimes unknowingly drafted into helping out in times of need. All of you know who you are. I would like to 
mention Carmen Perry and my family, especially, under this category, for their generous help and support. All the 
time, effort and energy that have gone into this yearbook were worth the experience. We have tried to publish the 
best yearbook possible by including an expanded use of copy and new ideas in design to maximize the overall 
appearance of the book. I only hope that I have lived up to the expectations which Sue Waganaar had in mind when 
she handed down the position of Editor-in-Chief to me. 

-Jennifer E. Fettei 

280 Colophon